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NonSlip Solutions for Hotels


Helping hoteliers by preventing slipping incidents and claims

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CSIRO Certified

Meet and exceed the Australian Standard for slip-resistance

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Swiss GriP is a Swiss-made, premium quality non-slip coating

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Guest Safety

Swiss GriP is your insurance against slipping and tripping incidents

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Baths and Showers

The superior alternative to bath and shower mats: hygienic and invisible


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It’s all about guest and staff safety

Guest safety is paramount in hospitality. However, slips and trips are still the number one cause of accidents in Hotels and Restaurants. Moreover, slips, trips and falls led to 23% of all serious claims between 2003 and 2015 (Safe Work Australia). Besides financial loss, the reputational risk is significant.

Where Swiss GriP prevents slipping

The Swiss GriP Non-Slip Coating makes any surface slip-resistant. Our premium quality coating has excellent adhesion to all surface types.

  • Baths, showers and tiles
  • Pool decks
  • Stair cases
  • Kitchens
  • Other slippery areas
Non-Slip Solutions for Hoteliers
Non-Slip Solutions for Hoteliers

Why choose SWISS GriP?

For over 25 years, Swiss GriP has been the global leader in durable and certified non-slip coatings. Our Swiss-made, premium quality coatings are UV-stable, clear or coloured and can be applied to every surface.

Our durable coatings are certified by CSIRO Australia and help you to meet or exceed the Australian Standard for slip-resistance. Therefore, Swiss GriP is your insurance against slipping incidents and claims.

  • CSIRO Certified – Meet or exceed the Australian Standard for slip-resistance (AS 4586)
  • Swiss-Made – Proudly developed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • Non-etching – Swiss GriP is a premium quality coating an does not damage the surface it is applied onto
  • UV-stable – For interior and exterior applications
  • Since 1995 – Used by leading hotels around the globe

Swiss GriP Non-Slip Hotel References

Spa & Wellness centre eliminates slipping hazards with Swiss GriP

The pool area and changing rooms at the Alsik Nordic Spa were extremely slippery in wet conditions. Swiss GriP Non-Slip was installed to eliminate these slipping risks.  

In the wet areas of the spa, porcelain stoneware tiles with R10/B slip ratings were laid. Although these porcelain tiles were supposed to be slip-resistant, they were extremely slippery in wet conditions. To prevent further slipping incidents, Swiss GriP Non-Slip Pro was installed. In total more than 500m2 of tiles were made slip resistant.

Customer: Alsik Spa, Denmark
Non-Slip SolutionSwiss GriP Non-Slip PRO
Slip Rating Value: P5, AS 4586-2013

Hilton Garden Inn Bordeaux

Set in the city centre of Bordeaux, the Hilton Garden Inn is located 1.7 km from the famous Stone Bridge which crosses the Garonne River. The hotel decided to replace shower mats in all 166 acrylic shower bases with Swiss GriP Non-Slip Bathroom.

The shower mats did not meet the safety standards as soap caused the mats to slip away. Moreover, the matts created a hygienic problem as they are hard to keep clean. The advantage of Swiss GriP is that is provides a durable, hygienic and certified non-slip finish on the shower, eliminating slipping risks.

Slip-Resistant steel enamel bathtubs at Westin Hamburg

The Westin Hamburg is located in the upper part of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg and offers 244 guestrooms and suites. Every room offers a spectacular view on the Elbe river and the Hamburg Harbour. Moreover, the hotel is renowned for its exquisite and modern design.

The bathrooms are equipped with steel-enamel bathtubs. To prevent guests from slipping, when stepping in and out, the hotel management decided to install Swiss GriP Non-Slip Bathroom. Due to our international non-slip certificates, guests are now safe from slipping incidents.

Sheraton: Swiss GriP makes tubs and showers slip-resistant

Sheraton Oman is all about guest safety. The hotel has installed Swiss GriP Non-Slip in all bathrooms to keep guests from slipping. The Swiss GriP installation team was able to apply the Swiss GriP coating to all 236 tubs while limiting down-time for the hotel.

BVLGARY Beach Resort, Dubai

The BVLGARI Beach Resort in Dubai is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Swiss GriP NonSlip was installed around the swimming pool to make sure guests and staff are protected from slipping.

Swiss GriP at Cottage Motor Inn, Albury (NSW)

The Cottage Motor Inn Albury offers 20 comfortable rooms with en-suite bathrooms and acrylic shower bases. However, the showers we causing a health and safety risk for guests because they were extremely slippery.

By installing Swiss GriP Non-Slip Bathroom, the showers were upgraded to a P5 non-slip rating, eliminating the risk of slipping. The coating is fully transparent and therefore almost invisible. Moreover, the dirt and water repellent technology of the coating makes the showers easy to clean.

The Peninsula Hotel, Bangkok

The Peninsula Bangkok (5-stars) is one of the finest hotel properties in Bangkok. The disabled-friendly hotel has made their outdoor pool area slip-free with SWISS GriP NonSlip. In total, 50 square metres of terrazzo was upgraded to a P5 slip-rating.


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