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Swiss GriP Non-Slip References

Innovative and durable anti-slip coatings for tiles, marble, ceramics, concrete and other surfaces are constantly in demand, especially in commercial and industrial projects. Our expertise in certified slip-resistance has been implemented all around Australia and the rest of the world. The Swiss GriP Non-Slip References include impressive hotels, public buildings, private residences, pool areas and luxury yachts. Whatever your requirements, you will find the right non-slip solution in our broad, premium-quality product range.

Download the Swiss GriP Project Reference List: Swiss GriP Project References

Reference Page

CSL, Parkville (VIC)

CSL develops innovative biotherapies and influenza vaccines. It also manufactures the Astra Zeneca vaccine in Australia. We were asked to install the Swiss GriP Non-Slip Coating at several entry areas to protect staff and visitors from slips and falls. In total, 65m2 has been made slip-resistant with transparent Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO Coating.

McKenzie Aged Care, Seabrook QLD

Located in Deception Bay, just minutes from the shores of Moreton Bay, Seabrook Aged Care has beautiful landscaped gardens and welcoming communal spaces that bring people together. Swiss GriP Non-Slip was applied to the tiled kitchen floors by our Brisbane based installer. Besides protecting staff from slips and falls, Swiss GriP also creates a protective barrier on the surface to water and grease cannot get into the tiles.

Non-Slip Shower, Semaphore (SA)

Prevention is always better than cure. Our customer in Semaphore (SA) had a close call when she slipped in the shower. Although she got away without serious injuries she did not feel secure while showering anymore. Therefore the CSIRO-certified Swiss GriP coating was applied to the tiles by our certified installer in Adelaide. The tiles are now sealed and have a P5 Slip Rating in accordance to AS 4586-2013.

Tiled Entry Area – Bus Association Victoria

Bus Association Victoria is the voluntary professional association for Victoria’s accredited route, school, tour and charter and non-accredited (registered) bus and coach operators.

The tiled entry area to the head office of Bus Association Victoria in Port Melbourne did not meet the Australian Standard for Slip-Resistance (AS 4586). Swiss GriP Non-Slip was selected to upgrade the tiles to a P4 slip-rating. Our solution was selected over an anti-slip treatment because Swiss GriP is independently certified by CSIRO. Moreover, our coating does not break the protective seal on the tiles like etching treatments do.

Non-Slip Concrete Floor, Cooran Fire Station (QLD)

Rural Fire Service (RFS​) regional operations is co-located with Fire and Rescue North Coast Region.  RFS North Coast operates with 280 brigades, staffed by approximately 6300 volunteers, supported by regional QFES personnel, Volunteer Firefighters and Volunteer Community Educators.

The concrete floor at the Cooran Fire Station frequently gets wet and this posed a slipping hazard for staff. Therefore, Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was applied to the floor to eliminate the risk of slips and falls.

The Old Church Maleny, QLD

The Old Church Maleny offers accommodation on Maleny’s main street, either in the historic building boasting 5-metre-high curved ceilings and stained glass windows, or in the Old Church’s extension which includes a modern apartment or a double room.

To protect guests from slips and falls, all bathroom floors and showers have been made slip-free with Swiss GriP Non-Slip. Our CSIRO-certified anti-slip coating has not changed the appearance of the various tiles which now meet and exceed the Australia Standard for Slip-Resistance (AS 4586).

Avington Living – Non-Slip Pool, Point Cook

Avington Living in Point Cook provides 5-star, resort-style living and an independent lifestyle. The amenities include a luxurious pool and sauna for relaxation and wellness. Avington wants the best for its residents and that is why Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO coating was installed around the pool area, showers and a the sauna. Our coating provides the best possible slip-resistance in wet conditions, while also sealing and protecting the surface it is applied onto.

Melbourne 380 – Non-Slip Freestanding Tubs

Melbourne 380 is a newly constructed skyscraper in Melbourne’s CBD. It includes 728 residential apartments as well as 312 hotel rooms. Swiss GriP Non-Slip was applied to the poly-marble freestanding bathtubs in the suites of the hotel. Our transparent coating is ideal to meet slip-resistance standards as it does not damage the surface it is applied onto.

Non-Slip Pool – Strata Corp, Kirribilli

The strata corp of this premium residential complex decided to eliminate the risks of slips and falls around the pool area with Swiss GriP Non-Slip. Our CSIRO-certified coating was professionally installed by our team in Sydney and has sealed and upgraded the tiles to a P5 Slip Rating (AS 4586-2013).

Non-Slip Glass Panels: Early Learning Centre, Manly

Swiss GriP Non-Slip Glass Panels
Little Lane Early Learning Centre in Manly provides a premium service to cater to children’s early learning and childhood education. Swiss GriP Non-Slip was specified by the architect to be applied to several glass floor panels which have been incorporate in the roof top terraces and outdoor areas. The transparent Swiss GriP Non-Slip coating allows light to enter the building, while providing a P4 slip-rating. Moreover, we were able to provide an attractive pattern design on the glass by using a custom made template.

Montefiore Residential Care, Manly (NSW)

Montefiore Residential Care commissioned Swiss GriP Australia to make a shower, bathroom and laundry area slip-resistant. The care-provider selected Swiss GriP because our non-slip coatings are independently certified by CSIRO with a P5 Slip-Rating in accordance to AS 4586-2013. Moreover, Montefiore preferred Swiss GriP over anti-slip treatments because our coating seals and protects the tiles, rather than etching into the surface.

Physiotherapy Clinic – Blizzcare, Ashburton

Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was specified by Canopy Fitouts to be applied to the ceramic tiles in the changing rooms and showers of the newly constructed Blisscare Physio Clinic in Ashburton (VIC). Blisscare health is an Australian national healthcare and wellness management company and strives to change the face of senior’s health and wellbeing through innovative healthcare. Swiss Grip’s certified non-slip coating has a P5 slip rating and offers the best possible protection against slips and falls. Moreover, it seals and protects the surface it is applied onto.

Mollymook, NSW

This alfresco area and staircase in Mollymook, NSW was made slip-resistant by our technician. The ceramic tiles were first sealed with the transparent Swiss GriP Primer/Sealer. After a short curing time, the Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO coating was applied, creating a P5 Certified Non-Slip surface.

Alfresco Area, Ballarat

The tiles on this beautiful alfresco area did not meet the Australian Standard for slip resistance. As a result, our customer and her grandchildren slipped multiple times. To eliminate any further slipping-incidents, Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was installed to the tiles, upgrading them to a P5 slip rating in accordance to AS 4586-2013.

Oaks Adelaide Horizons Suites

Set in the Central Business District, the OAKS Horizons Adelaide offer 99 suites. The tiles on the balconies of the apartments were quite rough and porous, which made it hard to clean. Therefore, Swiss GriP was applied to seal the tiles, while maintaining a P4 slip-rating. With our transparent and UV-stable coating, we prevent dirt from being absorbed into the tiles, making the cleaning process easier and faster.

Non-Slip Bathroom and Toilet Area, Coomera, QLD

Our customer in Coomera was not feeling comfortable when walking on the tiles in her bathroom and toilet area. The risk of slipping was significant in wet conditions and that is why Swiss GriP was installed on the existing tiles. Our durable coating has sealed the tiles while upgrading the surface to a P5 Slip Resistance Value (SRV), certified by CSIRO Australia in accordance to AS 4586-2013.

Lifeview Aged Care – Non-Slip Shower

Swiss GriP Non-Slip was applied on top of the existing tiles which did not meet the Australian Standard for Slip-Resistance anymore (AS 4586). After applying Swiss GriP, the tiles now have a P5 / R11 slip resistance rating. Our transparent and durable coating has not changed the appearance of the tiles while also sealing and protecting the tiles.

Melbourne University Sports Centre

Swiss GriP prevents slip and falls in the showers at the Melbourne University Sport Centre. The tiled showers did not meet the Australian Standard for Slip-Resistance in wet conditions and therefore the University was looking for a durable solution without having to retile the area.

The university selected Swiss GriP Non-Slip because our coating is independently certified by CSIRO with a P5/R11 slip-rating. Moreover, Swiss GriP seals and protects the surface and does not alter or damage the surface it is applied onto.

Slip-Free Marble Pool Deck, Pakenham (VIC)

Preventing slips and falls around pools should be a key priority for everyone, especially when you have your grandchildren running around the pool during the weekends. That is why our customer in Pakenham had Swiss GriP Non-Slip installed. Our technicians applied our certified, transparent non-slip coating to 57m2 of marble tiles. Swiss GriP seals and protects the surface while keeping your loved-ones safe.

Slip-Free Kitchen: Cucina One12, Geelong

Cucina One21 in Geelong experienced several slips and falls in their kitchen and bar area. To create a slip-free environment for staff and customers, Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was installed by our application team. Our coating was applied to about 60m2 of tiles and vinyl flooring. The kitchen floor now has P5 Slip-Rating thanks to the CSIRO-certified Swiss GriP Non-Slip Coating.


Ramsay Health Private Hospital, Vinyl Floor (NSW)

Albury Wodonga Private Hospital is owned and operated by Ramsay Health Care, one of Australia’s largest private hospital operators. The Albury Wodonga Private Hospital is considered on of the finest hospitals in rural Australia.

Swiss GriP NonSlip PRO was applied to the vinyl flooring in the scoping room of the Albury Wodonga Private Hospital. The floor often gets wet, which caused slipping hazards. To prevent staff from slipping, the transparent Swiss GriP NonSlip PRO coating was applied to the flooring.

Non-Slip Pool Deck, Etham (VIC)

Our customer in Etham, Victoria, had several slipping incidents around her pool. Although the tiles were supposed to be non-slip, they were extremely slippery in wet conditions. An initial anti-slip treatment product from a DIY Chain did improve the situation.

Therefore, our customer had Swiss GriP NonSlip installed by our certified technicians. The tiles are now sealed with our premium-quality non-slip coating and have a P5 Slip Rating in accordance to the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance.

Atura Hotel Albury – Commercial Kitchen

The Atura Albury is centrally located and within walking distance of shops and cafes. The hotel offers a heated swimming pool, a restaurant and refurbished guest rooms with designer furniture.

Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was applied to the tiled kitchen floor to prevent slips and falls, while also sealing tiles and grouts. In total, more than 80m2 was made slip-free with our durable and certified non-slip solution.

Non-Slip Hydrotherapy Pool, Shire of Moora (WA)

The Central Midlands Hydrotherapy Pool provides aqua exercise classes, infant and junior play sessions and physio/rehabilitation sessions. Several slip incidents were reported when visitors walked from the pool deck to the changerooms. Therefore, Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was applied to the vinyl floors to prevent any further slips and falls.

Residential Bathroom, Marble Tiles – Mornington VIC

The marble tiles in this residential bathroom are beautiful but extremely slippery in wet conditions. Therefore, our technician applied Swiss GriP Non-Slip the surface to prevent slips and falls. Our transparent coating creates a durable, protective layer on top of the surface.

Residential Pool, Marble Tiles – Melbourne

The marble tiles around this residential pool were extremely slippery in wet conditions. Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was used to make the tiles slip resistant. The surface was upgraded to a P5 Class. This is the best rating in the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance (AS 4586).

AriesCare Disability Provider – Pakenham, Victoria

AriesCare is a disability provider registered in all Australian states. The bathroom floor in their Pakenham Residence caused a caretaker to slip. Therefore, Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was installed to prevent any further incidents from happening.

Residential Bathroom – Portsea, Victoria

The high quality tiles used in the bathroom and shower area of this residential property were extremely slippery in wet conditions. To prevent slips and falls, Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was applied to all tiles. Total area: 12m2.

Swiss GriP at Cottage Motor Inn, Albury (NSW)

The Cottage Motor Inn Albury offers 20 comfortable rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Al acrylic shower bases are slip-free thanks to Swiss Grip.

Olivet Aged Care – Melbourne

Olivet Aged Care in Ringwood replaced their shower mats with Swiss GriP Non-Slip Bathroom.

Non-Slip Tiles in Commercial Kitchen

Preventing slips, trips and falls is extremely important in gastronomy. Unfortunately, a staff member slipped on this kitchen floor and was not able to work for several months. To prevent further incidents from happening, the restaurant manager decided to have Swiss GriP Non-Slip installed.

Our technicians installed the transparent Swiss GriP coating after closing time. Due to the fast curing time of our non-slip coating, it did not cause any operational downtime. So besides providing a durable and certified non-slip solution, the restaurant did not have to close down.

Non-Slip Showers, Carlton (VIC)

We made these two showers slip-resistant for Gary and his family in Carlton (VIC). The ‘marble look’ ceramic tiles were extremely slippery in wet conditions so something had to be done. Before turning to Swiss GriP, Gary tried an etching solution: “I got this non-slip etching solution from a DIY store but we couldn’t notice any difference at all. So after making some inquiries, someone recommended me to install Swiss GriP.”

Gary was positively surprised after our technician installed our certified non-slip coating. “At first I couldn’t even see the Swiss GriP coating because it is transparent. Only when you go closer you can see it a little bit”, Gary explains. “The finish is prefect. I feel very comfortable when taking a shower. It has certainly given me peace of mind.

Selected International Swiss GriP References

European Investment Bank, Luxembourg

Slippery wooden floor in European Investment Bank becomes slip-resistant with Swiss GriP.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the bank of the European Union and was founded in 1958 together with the EEC. Headquartered in Luxembourg, it provides finance and know-how for sound and sustainable investment projects worldwide.

The corridor in front of the cafeteria is lined with high-quality wood parquet. As you can see on the photos, the floor has a slight inclination. The parquet was slippery and the slope increased the risk of slipping. In order to prevent slips and falls for employees and visitors, Swiss GriP Luxembourg was commissioned to coat the wooden parquet. The condition and appearance of the flooring has not changed while it has been upgraded to an R11 slip rating.

Hilton Garden Inn, Paris, France

Hilton Garden Inns are moderate Hilton Hotels, which are reasonable in price and are primarily aimed at business travellers. The brand’s hotels are located at major transportation hubs and are focused on conferences.

When planning the construction, it was clear that anti-slip mats in the showers were not an option for the slip resistance of the guests. The mats are hard to keep clean and not aesthetic .

Westin Hamburg, Germany – Steel enamel tubs

Steel enamel bathtubs with slip-resistant coating at The Westin Hamburg Hotel.

The Westin Hamburg hotel is located in the upper part of the Elbphilharmonie and offers 244 guest rooms and suites. Every room is at least 40 meters above the Elbe river with the building going up to 110 meter. The hotel spans from the 6th to the 20th top floor. Every bathroom has a steel-enamel bathtub facing the floor-to-ceiling windows where guest have a spectacular view over the “HafenCity”. Swiss GriP was applied to all tubs to make sure guests can enjoy their stay without slips and falls.

Sheraton Oman, Showers and Tubs

The iconic Sheraton Hotel in Oman is one of the tallest buildings in the country and offers VIP and world class service. “At the Sheraton, we believe that actions speak louder than words. This is why we never stop changing, be it small touches or major changes”, says the hotel website. The hotel is now making innovative changes to further improve the safety of its sanitary facilities, offering its guests a total of 236 bathtubs with Swiss GriP non-slip coating.

Hilton Zürich Airport, Acrylic Bathtubs

Swiss GriP Non-Slip was chosen by Hilton Zürich Airport to replace unhygienic bath mats. In total, Swiss GriP Non-Slip was applied to 260 acrylic bathtubs. Our coating does not damage the top quality acrylic tubs. The slip resistance works by creating a transparent non-slip finish on top of the surface.

Steigenberger Alsik Spa, Denmark

Spa and wellness centre eliminates slips and falls with Swiss GriP

The pool area and changing rooms at the Steigenberger Alsik Nordic Spa were extremely slippery in wet conditions. Swiss GriP Non-Slip was applied to eliminate these slipping risks. In the wet areas of the spa, porcelain stoneware tiles with R10/B slip ratings were laid. Although these porcelain tiles were supposed to be slip-resistant, they were extremely slippery in wet conditions. In total, about 700m2 of tiles were sealed and made slip resistant with Swiss GriP. The tiles now have a R11/C non-slip rating.

BULGARI Beach Resort Dubai, Pool Area

Swiss GriP was installed at the BVLGARI Beach Resort to prevents slips and falls around the pools. Especially in wet conditions, the tiles were extremely slippery.

Momizen, Public Swimming Pool, Switzerland

The indoor and outdoor swimming pool in Lättich is one of the most popular swimming pools in Switzerland. The modern swimming pool includes sports and leisure pools, massage jets, bubble niches and whirlpool.

The swimming pool experienced numerous slipping accidents around the pool and on the staircase going towards the changing rooms. Swiss GriP was applied to the various tiled surfaces to prevent slipping incidents. The management praised the excellent slip-resistance and the uncomplicated cleaning process.

Why use Swiss GriP?

Slips and falls on wet or greasy surfaces cause thousands of injuries every year. Many tiles, bathtubs, showers, pool areas and commercial kitchens do not meet the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance. Our coatings help you to meet and exceed those standards. Our durable coatings are independently certified by CSIRO  in accordance to AS 4586-2013.

This means that we provide a slip-resistance certificate upon delivery or installation. Moreover, unlike anti-slip etching treatments, Swiss GriP does not damage the surface it is applied onto. Furthermore, our non-slip coatings are suitable for interior and exterior applications. They withstand traffic, intense heat as well as frost and are UV-resistant, even under the Aussie sun.

The references on this page show you where Swiss GriP Non-Slip already prevents slips and falls in Australia and abroad.

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