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Swiss GriP Non-Slip References​


Swiss GriP Non-Slip References

Innovative and durable anti-slip coatings for tiles, marble, ceramics, concrete and other surfaces are constantly in demand, especially in commercial and industrial projects. Our expertise in certified slip-resistance has been implemented all around Australia and the rest of the world. The Swiss GriP Non-Slip References​ include leading hotels, care facilities, public buildings, private residences, pool areas and luxury yachts. Whatever your requirements, you will find the right non-slip solution in our premium-quality product range.


Why use Swiss GriP?

Slips and falls on wet or greasy surfaces cause thousands of injuries every year. Many tiles, bathtubs, showers, pool areas and commercial kitchens do not meet the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance. Our coatings help you to meet and exceed those standards. The wide range of Swiss GriP Non-Slip References​ showcase the many projects where we protect against slips and falls.

Non-Slip Guarantee

Unlike any other anti-slip solution, Swiss GriP guarantees all of our installations achieve a P4 slip rating when tested in the Australian Standard for Slip-Resistance. The slip test can be conducted by any independent and NATA accredited testing company. Lear more about our guarantee here.

We care about you and your floor

The unique formulation of our Swiss-made coating creates a transparent, protective layer on top of the surface. So unlike anti-slip treatments (etching or acid treatments), Swiss GriP does not damage the surface it is applied onto. Instead, it seals and protects the surface it is applied onto while providing the best possible slip-resistance. Learn more about the differences between anti-slip treatments and Swiss GriP here.

Furthermore, our non-slip coatings have outstanding adhesion and chemical resistance. They withstand traffic, intense heat as well as frost and are UV-resistant, even under the Aussie sun.

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