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Demarcation Paints

Swiss GriP Slip Resistant Floor Coatings

Swiss GriP Slip Resistant Floor Coatings

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P5 slip rating

Swiss GriP is certified by CSIRO in accordance to AS 4586:2013

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Colour options

Available in three standard colours. Red, blue and green are available upon request

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Swiss Made

Swiss-made, premium quality coatings. Exceptional adhesion and durability.

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Easy to Install

Two-coat roller application. Fast curing

Looking for a transparent and UV-resistant non-slip coating? Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO Transparent is the right solution for you.

Swiss GriP Solutions

Swiss GriP – Slip Resistant Floor Coatings

Health and safety is a top priority in every factory and workplace. It is vital to keep workers and visitors from harm. This is not always easy but floor demarcation can help. This is why we offer a range slip resistant paints which are available in a range of colours.

Swiss GriP Slip Resistant Floor Coatings are durable, fast-curing, single-component coatings. Therefore, they are very easy and quick to install. Swiss GriP is perfect for the demarcation of factory floors, warehouses, stairs, steps and ramps. Due to the active adhesion, Swiss GriP Demarcation Paint can be used on concrete, tiles, natural stone, slate and other surfaces. Looking for a transparent non-slip coating? Have a look at Swiss GriP NonSlip PRO Transparent.

  • Certified by CSIRO – An achieved P5 slip-rating in accordance to AS 4586-2013
  • UV-stable – Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Easy to apply – simple roll-on application
  • Fast curing – Touch dry in 15 minutes
  • Active adhesion – For all surface types

Technical Data Sheet (Download TDS – PDF)

black non-slip stair nosings

Floor Demarcation Colour Reference for the Workplace

Yellow: Proceed with caution. Yellow is used for aisles and walkways. Moreover, it used so people are alert for other people and possibly vehicles and forklifts.

Black/Yellow: Health hazard. Proceed with extra caution. This combination is used to mark zones where dangerous chemicals are stored.

White: Production is ongoing in this area.

Red: Signalling danger. Red is used to alert people or vehicles that they need to stop.

Green: Safe area. Can be used for a first aid point or a safe walkway.

Blue: Commonly used to mark out information. Can also be used factories and warehouses for zone equipment that is currently out of order.

Orange: Warning indicator for vehicles. It can mark out zones to store vehicles and be used on aisles where vehicles operate. Combining orange, yellow and red creates a safe and organised traffic demarcation system.

Red/White: For areas that need to be kept clear. Examples include emergency access or electrical points. These areas need to be kept clear of obstruction in case of emergency.

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