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black non-slip stair nosings

Black Non-Slip Stair Nosings

The tinted Swiss GriP Non-Slip Floor Coating is ideal to create black non-slip stair nosings. Due to the excellent adhesion and CSIRO-certified slip-resistance, it makes any staircase safe.

Unlike other floor paints, the Swiss GriP Safety Floor Coating creates a durable and CSIRO-certified non-slip strip on any surface. And compared to metal or plastic stair nosing strips, it does not require any drilling. Also, no glue residue is left on the surface which happens when stair nosing strips are glued to the treads.

The Swiss GriP Safety Floor Coating was applied to create black non-slip stair nosings for a strata corporation in Melbourne.  To comply with AS 1428.1:2009, the strips are 50mm wide and they run over the full width of the treads. Moreover, the black colour option creates a luminance contrast to the background which reduced the risk of trips. Furthermore, the coating achieves a P5 slip-rating in accordance AS 4663-2013.

AS 1428.1:2009 Design for access and mobility – 11.1 Stair Construction
To comply with the Australian Standard, stair nosings strips need to fulfil the below requirements:

  • Have a strip at the nosing which is at least 50mm but not more than 75 mm wide. The strip can be set back up to 15 mm from the front of the nosing.
  • The minimum luminance contrast to the original surface background is 30%.
  • The strip shall not extend down the riser more than 10 mm.
  • The strip needs to be slip-resistant in accordance to AS 4586-2013 or AS 4663-2013

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Customer: Strata Corporation

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Slip Rating: P5 in accordance to AS 4663-2013
Accessibility: In accordance to AS 1428.1:2009,

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SolutionSwiss GriP Safety Floor Coating
In combination with Swiss GriP Sopro Primer