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Non Slip Bath Mat


Swiss GriP is a premium quality, water-based non-slip coating. Anti-Slip Treatment is a friendlier term for an etching or acid treatment. As you might suspect, etching and acid is a corrosive substance and creates tiny cracks in the surface. In many cases, it breaks the seal of a tile. This is why anti-slip treatments often discolour the surface and make cleaning difficult. Moreover, anti-slip treatments often perform poor in wet conditions. Swiss GriP is a coating and seals and protects the surface it is applied onto. Moreover, Swiss GriP is certified in the Australian Standard for slip-resistance (AS 4586 and AS 4663) by CSIRO. So if you are looking for a durable and functional non-slip solution, Swiss GriP is the way to go. Learn more about the differences here.

Swiss GriP creates a durable non-slip finish on top of the surface and increases the surface-area. Our patented solution has a soft non-slip particle integrated in the coating. This prevents aquaplaning and assures you are always in direct contact with the surface, even when the surface is wet. So unlike etching solutions and anti-slip treatments, Swiss GriP does not alter or damage the surface it is applied onto. Instead, it creates a durable and protective non-slip seal.

Certified by CSIRO
Swiss GriP is the only independently certified non-slip coating. No the non-slip solution has been tested and certified by so many institutions and experts like Swiss GriP. In Australia, Swiss GriP is certified by CSIRO with a P5 Slip Resistance Value (SRV) in accordance to the Australia Standard for Slip Resistance (AS 4586). Moreover, our coatings are also certified by institutions like TÜV, EMPA, Satra Technology and Falcao Bauer (ASTM).

Yes, Swiss GriP is the only non-slip coating which has been independently certified in the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance (AS 4586-2013) by CSIRO with a P5 Slip Rating Value. Nothing beats science and that is why Swiss GriP provides the best slip resistance, even in wet conditions. Our certifications include:

  • CSIRO Australia. Certified in accordance to AS 4586-2013. P3, P4  and P5 slip-ratings.
  • EMPA, Switzerland. Certified in accordance to R 9729. Class GB2.
  • TÜV Rheinland, Germany. Certified in accordance to DIN 51097 and DIN 51130. Class C and R11.
  • Satra Technology, UK. Certified in accordance to BS 7976. Class 50, low slip potential
  • Falcao Bauer, Brazil. Certified in accordance to ASTM E 303/93. SRV in wet conditions: 0.55. SRV in dry conditions: 0.68.
  • LG, South Korea. Certified in accordance to the South Korean Standard for Slip-Resistance.

Due to our exceptional adhesion and chemical resistance, Swiss GriP beats any competitor in terms of slip-resistance and durability. The durability of a finished application depends on factors such as traffic intensity as well as care and maintenance.

Swiss GriP performs excellent in the Australian Accelerated Wear Test. After a 5000 cycle test with a heavy duty scotch pad, the slip-resistance of Swiss GriP is only reduced by 17%. This test replicates high traffic over a long period. Many tiles and other materials see a reduction of over 65% in the same test.

Low traffic areas like bathrooms can expect to last more than five years. Outdoor and high traffic areas can be expected to last around three to five years. To ensure the durability of your Swiss GriP Coating is maximised, we recommend to implement a simple and regular maintenance program. Let us know in case of any questions about your specific area.

Swiss GriP is the leading supplier of non-slip coatings in Australia. Swiss GriP Non-Slip Transparent in our DIY Kits (1.2m2, 5m2 and 15m2) are available at National Tiles. Please contact a National Tiles store near you for stock or to have a look at a sample in their store.

Our smaller kit sizes are also available in our webstore. Please contact us for larger quantities or trade enquiries. Feel free to contact us for a consultation or quote. You can reach us at (03) 7020 2041 or email us at

Visiting Swiss GriP
You are more than welcome to visit us at 448 City Road in South Melbourne. Just book in an appointment via phone or email. Parking is available at the back of our premises or on Ferrars Street.

Installation Service
Do you want to have the Swiss GriP Non-Slip coating professionally installed? We offer installation service by our certified technicians in VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD, SA and WA. Contact us for a consultation and quote.

Swiss GriP has excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces. Our coatings can be used on ceramic tiles, terrazzo, concrete, natural stone acrylic tubs and showers. Because Swiss GriP does not alter or damage the surface it is applied onto, it can even be used on sensitive surfaces like marble and slate.

Swiss Grip cannot be applied to surfaces with a nano-finish. This is a surface that repels anything from sticking onto it, much like a non-stick frying pan. A small percentage of glossy tiles have this finish. Previously sealed surfaces with solvent- or oil-based products can have a repellent finish as well. 

Swiss GriP is applied as a single, thin layer to the surface. Please refer to the installation manual that comes with the 1.2m2 kit and make sure to scan the QR-code for an installation video. For our 5 and 15m2 kits, please have a look at our installation support page where you find installation videos of each step. Don't hesitate to give us a ring on 03 7020 2041 in case of any questions.

Swiss GriP is a UV-resistant and transparent non-slip coating. Therefore, Swiss GriP is an almost invisible non-slip solution.
Have a look at our references our download our close-up and reference list here: (Download PDF).

Swiss GriP is a non-dangerous, water-based coating with excellent chemical resistance. It is best to clean the surface with our own cleaners, which have been specifically developed to clean the non-slip finish. As a rule of thumb, avoid cleaners that are corrosive and harmful for your skin. Always rinse the surface after cleaning with clear cold water to neutralise any residue.

Swiss GriP can be cleaned with a range of tools like microfibre mops, brushes, pressure washers and cleaning machines. To ensure the life of your Swiss GriP Coating is maximised, download our Technical Advice Care and Maintenance Instructions, and implement a regular maintenance program.

If you have installed Swiss GriP in a shower, it is recommended to remove excess water from the surface after showering with a squeegee or towel, especially when there is not sufficient fall towards the shower drain.

Do not use harsh or aggressive substances like acid, solvents (e.g. methylated spirits, alcohol, acetone, etc.), chlorine (bleach), sodium, or abrasive detergents. Dilute concentrated detergents in accordance to the manufacturer's instructions. In case of doubt please contact us. 

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