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Swiss GriP Non-Slip Coatings: exceptional durability and slip-resistance for any surface

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Seals & Protects

Durable non-slip finish which seals and protects the surface

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Independently certified by CSIRO in accordance to AS 4586.

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Design & Safety

Transparent and tinted non-slip coatings for every surface

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Swiss Made

Only the best is good enough when it comes to safety

SWISS GriP Non-Slip Coatings

Swiss GriP Non-Slip is the most used non-slip coating in Australia. Leading hotels, hospitals and care facilities trust Swiss GriP to eliminate slips and falls. Why?

  • Durable, transparent and tinted non-slip coatings
  • P5 Slip Rating, CSIRO Certified (AS 4586-2013)
  • Prevent slips, falls and liability claims
  • Seals and protects the surface
  • Exceptional adhesion and resistance
  • UV-Resistant
  • Swiss-made
  • Antimicrobial (ISO 846)
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    NonSlip for Hotels

    Certified Slip-Resistance

    Unlike anti-slip treatments, Swiss GriP Non-Slip is certified by CSIRO in accordance to the Australian Standard for Slip-Resistance (AS 4586-2013).

    • Certified by CSIRO Australia in wet and dry conditions
    • Slip Resistance Values: P3, P4 and P5, R11 and R12
    • Makes tiles and other surfaces slip-resistant
    • Meet and exceed safety requirements

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    Swiss GriP Non-Slip References

    CSL, Parkville (VIC)

    CSL develops innovative biotherapies and influenza vaccines. It also manufactures the Astra Zeneca vaccine in Australia. We were asked to install the Swiss GriP Non-Slip Coating at several entry areas to protect staff and visitors from slips and falls. In total, 65m2 has been made slip-resistant with transparent Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO Coating.

    McKenzie Aged Care, Seabrook QLD

    Located in Deception Bay, just minutes from the shores of Moreton Bay, Seabrook Aged Care has beautiful landscaped gardens and welcoming communal spaces that bring people together. Swiss GriP Non-Slip was applied to the tiled kitchen floors by our Brisbane based installer. Besides protecting staff from slips and falls, Swiss GriP also creates a protective barrier on the surface to water and grease cannot get into the tiles.

    Avington Living – Non-Slip Pool, Point Cook

    Avington Living in Point Cook provides 5-star, resort-style living and an independent lifestyle. The amenities include a luxurious pool and sauna for relaxation and wellness. Avington wants the best for its residents and that is why Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO coating was installed around the pool area, showers and a the sauna. Our coating provides the best possible slip-resistance in wet conditions, while also sealing and protecting the surface it is applied onto.

    Melbourne 380 – Non-Slip Freestanding Tubs

    Melbourne 380 is a newly constructed skyscraper in Melbourne’s CBD. It includes 728 residential apartments as well as 312 hotel rooms. Swiss GriP Non-Slip was applied to the poly-marble freestanding bathtubs in the suites of the hotel. Our transparent coating is ideal to meet slip-resistance standards as it does not damage the surface it is applied onto.

    Non-Slip Pool – Strata Corp, Kirribilli

    The strata corp of this premium residential complex decided to eliminate the risks of slips and falls around the pool area with Swiss GriP Non-Slip. Our CSIRO-certified coating was professionally installed by our team in Sydney and has sealed and upgraded the tiles to a P5 Slip Rating (AS 4586-2013).

    Non-Slip Glass Panels: Early Learning Centre, Manly

    Swiss GriP Non-Slip Glass Panels
    Little Lane Early Learning Centre in Manly provides a premium service to cater to children’s early learning and childhood education. Swiss GriP Non-Slip was specified by the architect to be applied to several glass floor panels which have been incorporate in the roof top terraces and outdoor areas. The transparent Swiss GriP Non-Slip coating allows light to enter the building, while providing a P4 slip-rating. Moreover, we were able to provide an attractive pattern design on the glass by using a custom made template.

    Physiotherapy Clinic – Blizzcare, Ashburton

    Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was specified by Canopy Fitouts to be applied to the ceramic tiles in the changing rooms and showers of the newly constructed Blisscare Physio Clinic in Ashburton (VIC). Blisscare health is an Australian national healthcare and wellness management company and strives to change the face of senior’s health and wellbeing through innovative healthcare. Swiss Grip’s certified non-slip coating has a P5 slip rating and offers the best possible protection against slips and falls. Moreover, it seals and protects the surface it is applied onto.

    Oaks Adelaide Horizons Suites

    Set in the Central Business District, the OAKS Horizons Adelaide offer 99 suites. The tiles on the balconies of the apartments were quite rough and porous, which made it hard to clean. Therefore, Swiss GriP was applied to seal the tiles, while maintaining a P4 slip-rating. With our transparent and UV-stable coating, we prevent dirt from being absorbed into the tiles, making the cleaning process easier and faster.

    Melbourne University Sports Centre

    Swiss GriP prevents slip and falls in the showers at the Melbourne University Sport Centre. The tiled showers did not meet the Australian Standard for Slip-Resistance in wet conditions and therefore the University was looking for a durable solution without having to retile the area.

    The university selected Swiss GriP Non-Slip because our coating is independently certified by CSIRO with a P5/R11 slip-rating. Moreover, Swiss GriP seals and protects the surface and does not alter or damage the surface it is applied onto.

    Slip-Free Marble Pool Deck, Pakenham (VIC)

    Preventing slips and falls around pools should be a key priority for everyone, especially when you have your grandchildren running around the pool during the weekends. That is why our customer in Pakenham had Swiss GriP Non-Slip installed. Our technicians applied our certified, transparent non-slip coating to 57m2 of marble tiles. Swiss GriP seals and protects the surface while keeping your loved-ones safe.

    Slip-Free Kitchen: Cucina One12, Geelong

    Cucina One21 in Geelong experienced several slips and falls in their kitchen and bar area. To create a slip-free environment for staff and customers, Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was installed by our application team. Our coating was applied to about 60m2 of tiles and vinyl flooring. The kitchen floor now has P5 Slip-Rating thanks to the CSIRO-certified Swiss GriP Non-Slip Coating.


    Ramsay Health Private Hospital, Vinyl Floor (NSW)

    Albury Wodonga Private Hospital is owned and operated by Ramsay Health Care, one of Australia’s largest private hospital operators. The Albury Wodonga Private Hospital is considered on of the finest hospitals in rural Australia.

    Swiss GriP NonSlip PRO was applied to the vinyl flooring in the scoping room of the Albury Wodonga Private Hospital. The floor often gets wet, which caused slipping hazards. To prevent staff from slipping, the transparent Swiss GriP NonSlip PRO coating was applied to the flooring.

    Non-Slip Pool Deck, Etham (VIC)

    Our customer in Etham, Victoria, had several slipping incidents around her pool. Although the tiles were supposed to be non-slip, they were extremely slippery in wet conditions. An initial anti-slip treatment product from a DIY Chain did improve the situation.

    Therefore, our customer had Swiss GriP NonSlip installed by our certified technicians. The tiles are now sealed with our premium-quality non-slip coating and have a P5 Slip Rating in accordance to the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance.

    Atura Hotel Albury – Commercial Kitchen

    The Atura Albury is centrally located and within walking distance of shops and cafes. The hotel offers a heated swimming pool, a restaurant and refurbished guest rooms with designer furniture.

    Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was applied to the tiled kitchen floor to prevent slips and falls, while also sealing tiles and grouts. In total, more than 80m2 was made slip-free with our durable and certified non-slip solution.

    Non-Slip Hydrotherapy Pool, Shire of Moora (WA)

    The Central Midlands Hydrotherapy Pool provides aqua exercise classes, infant and junior play sessions and physio/rehabilitation sessions. Several slip incidents were reported when visitors walked from the pool deck to the changerooms. Therefore, Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was applied to the vinyl floors to prevent any further slips and falls.


    Swiss GriP is the leading manufacturer of non-slip coatings. All our solutions are developed and made in Switzerland. Just like Swiss watches, our coatings are extremely durable and come with an industry leading warranty. Moreover, Swiss GriP is the only world-wide certified non-slip solution. No other non-slip solution is backed by independent experts like Swiss GriP. Therefore, our coatings are used in residential, commercial and industrial settings in over 50 countries.

    Swiss GriP guarantees that you, your loved ones, guests and staff, are protected from falls due to slips or trips. And unlike anti-slip treatments, Swiss GriP does not damage the surface it is applied onto. Instead, it creates a durable non-slip finish on top of the surface. Contact us for a quote or with any of your questions.


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