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Leading non-slip solutions for every surface

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Non-Slip Tubs and Showers

SWISS GriP is the leading non-slip solution for baths and showers. Our clear, hygienic coating is the superior alternative to bath mats.

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Non-Slip Guarantee

SWISS GriP is the only worldwide certified non-slip solution. In Australia, our solutions have been certified by CSIRO in accordance to AS 4586.

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Non-Slip Floor Coatings

We provide a range of clear and coloured non-slip coatings. For slip-free tiles, stairs, pool decks, entry areas, factory floor etc.

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Swiss made stands for premium quality, durable solutions. Only the best is good enough when it comes to safety!

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Australian Slip Ratings – AS/NZS 4586-2013

Swiss GriP provides leading non-slip solutions for every surface. Unlike anti-slip treatments, Swiss GriP coatings are certified by CSIRO Australia in accordance to AS 4586-2013. Moreover, our coatings are certified in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Brasil and America. Therefore, leading hotels, aged care facilities and hospitals trust our solution to prevent slipping incidents.

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Swiss GriP References

Non-Slip Showers in Hospital Hotel

The Hôtel des Patients is located in the heart of the city of Lausanne. It is a modern and welcoming hotel and the first of its kind in Switzerland. The Hôtel des Patients is based on the successful patient hotels in Scandinavia. Visitors include tourists, business travellers, the families of patients, and patients themselves.

Safety is a top priority for The Hotel des Patients. Therefore, the hotel management decided to make the showers slip-free with Swiss GriP Non-Slip. Our coatings are especially suitable for hospitals and hotels because they are transparent, hygienic and certified in all international slip standards.

Hospital bathrooms and pool with non-slip coating

The Saudi German Hospital in Dubai is the largest health provider in the Middle East. The hospital employs more than 100 physicians and surgeons and has 316 beds. 

To comply with the high safety standards, the patient bathrooms and showers were made slip-free with Swiss GriP NonSlip PRO. Furthermore, our durable non-slip coating was also installed on the rehabilitation pool deck. The works were carried out by our Middle East partner Ecosystems.

World-Class Non-Slip Solutions by Swiss GriP

Slips and trips on wet or greasy surfaces cause thousands of injuries every year. However, many surfaces such like bathtubs, showers, pool decks, stairs and factory floors lack sufficient slip-resistance. Swiss GriP Non-Slip provides world-class non-slip solutions. Our premium quality coatings are used globally since 1995 to prevent slipping and tripping incidents.

With Swiss GriP, you will meet and exceed the Australian Standard for slip-resistance (AS 4586-2013). This means we can guarantee that you, your loved ones, guests and staff, are protected against slipping incidents. And unlike etching treatments, which cause damage to the surface, Swiss GriP creates a durable non-slip finish on top of the surface. It can even be removed and renewed if necessary.

Furthermore, our non-slip coatings are suitable for interior and exterior applications. They withstand traffic, intense heat as well as frost and are UV-resistant, even under the Aussie sun.

Do you have any questions about SWISS GriP NonSlip coatings? Are you looking for input on your unique situation? Do you have any suggestions or would like to share your experiences using SWISS GriP with us? The GriP team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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