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Non-Slip Tiles at ALDI Wyong

Application Type:

  • Commercial

SwissGriP provides Non-Slip coating to tiles at ALDI in Wyong NSW. We upgraded the existing flooring with our premium coating. Known for their low prices and good quality ALDI also cares deeply about their employees and customers safety. Therefore, they approached SwissGriP Non-Slip coatings for a solution to their slippery floors throughout multiple stores. The ALDI store in Wyong NSW was the first of many shops that we have supplied our premium coating to and upgraded the existing tiles to a P3 slip rating.

The fresh fruit section as well as the cashier tiles did not meet the Australian slip resistance standards. SwissGriP Non-Slip P3 was selected as the ideal solution to provide a higher slip resistance without compromising on design. In conclusion, the upgraded Non-Slip tiles now comply with the Australian Standards for slip safety and keep everyone safe from slipping.

Swiss GriP Non-Slip P3 is the leading solution to make tiles slip-resistant. Not only is it completely transparent and UV-resistant, it upgrades the surface to a P3 slip-rating (AS 4586). Besides proving slip-resistance, Swiss GriP also seals & protects the surface. In addition, the transparent coating protects the natural beauty of the floor and gives a nice satin finish.

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Customer: ALDI

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Solution: Swiss GriP Non-Slip P3

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Slip Rating: P3 in accordance to AS 4663-2013