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Non-Slip Floor Coatings

Stair Treads

Non-Slip Stair Treads

New developments need to meet the Australian Standard AS 1428, which covers safety norms for stair tread nosing. In Volume One of the National Construction Code, a stairway is defined as two or more steps used in pedestrian travel.

Safety criteria for stair treads

  • Contrast of at least 30% when set against the stair tread surface.
  • The strip must be between 50mm and 75mm wide. It must be set back from the tread/riser intersection by no more than 15mm.

Property owners or managers have the duty of care to ensure pedestrians do not become involved in a slipping or tripping accident as a result of his/her negligence. Comply with the standards by using the Swiss GriP Safety Floor Coating.

Slip-Resistant Stair Treads

Swiss GriP Demarcation Paints

Swiss GriP NonSlip Demarcation paints are the perfect solution to create safe stair treads. Our coating is based on a fast drying single component coating. Therefore, is easy and fast to install. Moreover, it is a cost efficient solution compared to stair treads nosing.

  • Visibility: Creates excellent contrast on all surfaces
  • Colour Options: Available in black, yellow and white. Other colours are available on request
  • Slip resistant: Certified by CSIRO with a P5 slip-rating
  • Active Adhesion: Can be applied to tiles, ceramics, marble, wood, epoxy, and concrete*
  • Cost efficient – Five times cheaper compared to stair noising treads*

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