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Non-Slip Glass Coating

Non-Slip Glass Floors

Non-Slip Glass Panel

Non-Slip Glass Coating

Glass floor panels are increasingly popular and can create innovative spaces. However, they are prone to causing slips and falls, especially in wet conditions. The unique characteristics of glass, makes it inherently difficult to achieve the required level of slip resistance. However, one innovative solution to create non-slip glass is Swiss GriP a durable CSIRO-certified non-slip coating.

The Australian Standards for Slip Resistance, AS 4586-2013, set rigorous requirements to ensure the safety of walking surfaces. According to these standards, floor panels must have a certain level of slip resistance, measured by the Pendulum Test Value (PTV). The challenge lies in finding a solution that can increase the slip resistance of glass without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

Standard solutions for non-slip glass include etching (often called frosted glass), although this solution makes the glass dull. Moreover, it significantly reduces to possibility of light to travel through the glass. Some manufacturers offer textured glass floor panels as an anti-slip solution. However, such glass panels will rarely meet the Australian Standard for slip-resistance in an independent assessment.

Non-Slip Glass Coating

The challenge to keep glass transparent without compromising is very challenging. Swiss GriP Non-Slip has developed a coating that makes it possible to create non-slip glass, while minimising the impact on the aesthetics.

Swiss GriP is the global leader in transparent non-slip coatings, drawing on more than 25 years of experience in development and manufacturing. Our non-slip coatings have excellent adhesion on glass and we will make sure the surface will meet and exceed the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance (AS 4586).

Our coatings are completely transparent when applied to tiles, marble, and other surfaces. On glass, our coatings have a translucent finish. Unlike other non-slip solutions, Swiss GriP allows for 92% of the light to travel through.

Key benefits of Swiss GriP Non-Slip for Glass

  • CSIRO certified slip-ratings: P3, P4 and P5
  • Best translucency for glass on the market
  • Keep up to 70% of the glass completely clear with custom templates
  • Excellent durability

Prevention is better than cure
Work Safe Victoria estimates that injuries from slips and trips costs Australia around $1.5 billion per year. Meet and exceed safety standards for slip-resistance with Swiss GriP.

Swiss GriP Non-Slip Glass

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