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Non-Slip Glass Coating

Non-Slip Glass Floors

Non-Slip Glass Panel

Non-Slip Glass Coating

There are many reasons for architects to adopt glass floors within their plans. However, glass panels can cause slips and falls. Even the non-slip patterns provided by glass floor manufacturers rarely meet the safety standards, especially in wet conditions.

Therefore, architects turn to Swiss GriP to create safe and slip-free glass floors. Swiss GriP is a durable, transparent and UV-stable non-slip floor coating.

Transparent Non-Slip Glass Coating

We are the global leader in certified non-slip coatings, drawing on more than 25 years of experience in development and manufacturing. Our non-slip coatings have excellent adhesion on glass and we will make sure the surface will meet and exceed the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance (AS 4586).

Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO Transparent

  • Invisible, transparent non-slip glass coating
  • CSIRO Certified with the best non-slip ratings: P5/R12
  • Active adhesion on glass
  • For indoor and outdoor areas.

Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO Specifications: (Download PDF)

Prevention is better than cure
Work Safe Victoria estimates that injuries from slips and trips costs Australia around $1.5 billion per year. Meet and exceed safety standards for slip-resistance with Swiss GriP.

Swiss GriP Non-Slip Glass Panel Reference

Non-Slip Glass Panels: Early Learning Centre, Manly

Swiss GriP Non-Slip Glass Panels
Little Lane Early Learning Centre in Manly provides a premium service to cater to children’s early learning and childhood education. Swiss GriP Non-Slip was specified by the architect to be applied to several glass floor panels which have been incorporate in the roof top terraces and outdoor areas. The transparent Swiss GriP Non-Slip coating allows light to enter the building, while providing a P4 slip-rating. Moreover, we were able to provide an attractive pattern design on the glass by using a custom made template.

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