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The Best Non-Slip Solution for Baths and Showers

Swiss GriP Non-Slip Bathroom DIY Kit

Non-Slip Bathroom

The Best Non-Slip Solution For Showers and Tubs

Swiss GriP Non-Slip is Australia’s leading non-slip solution for showers, bathtubs and bathrooms. Our CSIRO-certified non-slip coating makes any surface slip-free, providing peace of mind and comfort while showering.

  • CSIRO Certified – Excellent slip-resistance conform AS 4586-2013
  • Invisible – Transparent and UV-resistant
  • Durable – Long lasting non-slip coating
  • Environmentally friendly – Water-based polyurethane coating
  • Easy to install – Applied within 30 minutes*
  • Hygienic – Water and dirt repellent
  • Swiss-made – proudly made in Switzerland
  • Non-etching – Seals and protects the surface

Available at National Tiles

Swiss GriP Non-Slip DIY Kit 1.2m2 is available at National Tiles. Contact your local National Tiles store today.

Swiss GriP Solutions at National Tiles:

  • Swiss GriP Non-Slip DIY Kit 1.2m2
  • Swiss GriP Non-Slip Transparent P3 – 5m2
  • Swiss GriP Non-Slip Transparent P3 – 15m2
  • Swiss GriP Non-Slip Cleaning Kit

Swiss GriP Solutions

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Certified Safety

Swiss Grip is Certified by CSIRO Australia with P3, P4 and P5 slip-ratings.

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Slip-free baths and Showers

The leading non-slip solution for slip-free baths, showers and tiles

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SWISS GriP is a premium quality, transparent and UV-resistant non-slip coating

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Self cleaning due to water and dirt repellent. Certified as antimicrobial in accordance to ISO 846

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Non-Slip Shower, Bathtub or Bathroom

Leading hotels, aged care providers and hospitals trust Swiss GriP when it comes to fall prevention. Why? Besides CSIRO-certified safety, our Swiss-made coatings outperform anti-slip treatments and other solutions in terms of durability, hygienics and aesthetics. Unlike anti-slip treatments, Swiss GriP does not damage the surface it is applied onto. Instead, it creates a durable, protective layer on top of the surface.

Best Non-Slip Solution for showers

Swiss-made solutions are know for their outstanding quality and durability. Swiss GriP is no exception. That is why National Tiles, has approved our coating as the go to non-slip solution for commercial projects. Moreover, our DIY solutions are available at all National Tiles stores.


Best Non-Slip Solution for Showers

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