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The Best Non-Slip Solution for Baths and Showers

Swiss GriP Non-Slip Bathroom DIY Kit

Non-Slip Bathroom

The best non-slip solution for bathrooms

Swiss GriP Non-Slip is the ultimate non-slip solution to make bathrooms and bathtubs slip-resistant. Our award-winning and CSIRO-certified non-slip coating creates a transparent and protective non-slip finish on every surface. Swiss GriP makes tiles, marble, bathtubs, and other surfaces slip-resistant.

  • Premium Quality – Durable non-slip coating
  • Environmentally friendly – Water-based polyurethane coating
  • CSIRO Certified – In accordance to AS 4586-2013
  • Easy to install – DIY or Installation Service
  • Invisible – Transparent and UV-resistant
  • Hygienic – Water and dirt repellent
  • Non-Etching – Seals and protects the surface
  • Since 1995 – used by five-star hotels like Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott

Swiss GriP Solutions

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Certified Safety

Swiss Grip is Certified by CSIRO Australia with P3, P4 and P5 slip-ratings.

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Slip-free baths and Showers

The leading non-slip solution for slip-free baths, showers and tiles

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SWISS GriP is a premium quality, transparent and UV-resistant non-slip coating

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Self cleaning due to water and dirt repellent. Certified as antimicrobial in accordance to ISO 846

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Non-Slip Bathroom – Installation Service

Do you prefer to have you bathroom made slip-resistant by one of our certified technicians? We provide installation service in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and WA. Contact us for a free quote or consultation.

What our customers say

Elisabeth, Airport West, VIC: “I am 68 and I was afraid to slip in the shower. Thanks to Swiss GriP, I feel secure and safe”,

Kara, Waverly, NSW: “We decided to try Swiss GriP because my toddler slipped in the bathtub. We are very happy with the result. The slip resistance is excellent”,

Stephan, Royal Park, SA: “You anti-slip solution was very easy to install and the non-slip finish feels great. I can only recommend Swiss GriP”,

The Best Non-Slip Solution for Baths and Showers

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