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Non-Slip Pools

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Non-Slip Pools

Slips, trips and falls around pool cause thousands of injuries per year. The Swiss GriP Non-Slip coatings prevent slip and falls. Our solutions create a durable, transparent and protective non-slip finish on any surface.

Non-Slip Pools and Spas

Prevention is key. Swiss GriP is the award-winning and CSIRO certified non-slip coating for pool areas.

  • Invisible, UV-stable non-slip coating
  • Creates a protective non-slip finish on the surface
  • For every surface: ceramic tiles, marble, epoxy, PU, timber, etc.
  • Certified by CSIRO Australia with the best slip resistance rating (AS 4586-2013)
Non Slip Pool

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    Non-Slip Pool Deck

    Swiss GriP: Industry Leading Warranty

    Unlike anti-slip treatments, Swiss GriP is certified by CSIRO Australia. Our coatings score the best slip-resistance rating in the Australian Standard for Slip-Resistance (AS 4586). This means our coatings prevent slips and falls in any situation, also in wet conditions.

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    Swiss GriP Non-Slip Pool & Spa References

    Alfresco Area, Ballarat

    The tiles on this beautiful alfresco area did not meet the Australian Standard for slip resistance. As a result, our customer and her grandchildren slipped multiple times. To eliminate any further slipping-incidents, Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was installed to the tiles, upgrading them to a P5 slip rating in accordance to AS 4586-2013.

    Slip-Free Marble Pool Deck, Pakenham (VIC)

    Preventing slips and falls around pools should be a key priority for everyone, especially when you have your grandchildren running around the pool during the weekends. That is why our customer in Pakenham had Swiss GriP Non-Slip installed. Our technicians applied our certified, transparent non-slip coating to 57m2 of marble tiles. Swiss GriP seals and protects the surface while keeping your loved-ones safe.

    Non-Slip Pool Deck, Etham (VIC)

    Our customer in Etham, Victoria, had several slipping incidents around her pool. Although the tiles were supposed to be non-slip, they were extremely slippery in wet conditions. An initial anti-slip treatment product from a DIY Chain did improve the situation.

    Therefore, our customer had Swiss GriP NonSlip installed by our certified technicians. The tiles are now sealed with our premium-quality non-slip coating and have a P5 Slip Rating in accordance to the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance.

    Non-Slip Hydrotherapy Pool, Shire of Moora (WA)

    The Central Midlands Hydrotherapy Pool provides aqua exercise classes, infant and junior play sessions and physio/rehabilitation sessions. Several slip incidents were reported when visitors walked from the pool deck to the changerooms. Therefore, Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was applied to the vinyl floors to prevent any further slips and falls.

    Residential Pool, Marble Tiles – Melbourne

    The marble tiles around this residential pool were extremely slippery in wet conditions. Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was used to make the tiles slip resistant. The surface was upgraded to a P5 Class. This is the best rating in the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance (AS 4586).

    Momizen, Public Swimming Pool, Switzerland

    The indoor and outdoor swimming pool in L├Ąttich is one of the most popular swimming pools in Switzerland. The modern swimming pool includes sports and leisure pools, massage jets, bubble niches and whirlpool.

    The swimming pool experienced numerous slipping accidents around the pool and on the staircase going towards the changing rooms. Swiss GriP was applied to the various tiled surfaces to prevent slipping incidents. The management praised the excellent slip-resistance and the uncomplicated cleaning process.

    BVLGARY Beach Resort, Dubai

    The BVLGARI Beach Resort in Dubai is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Swiss GriP NonSlip was installed around the swimming pool to make sure guests and staff are protected from slipping.

    The Peninsula Hotel, Bangkok

    The Peninsula Bangkok (5-stars) is one of the finest hotel properties in Bangkok. The disabled-friendly hotel has made their outdoor pool area slip-free with SWISS GriP NonSlip. In total, 50 square metres of terrazzo was upgraded to a P5 slip-rating.

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