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non-slip hotel bathroom

Hotel Guest Safety: Slip and Fall Prevention

Hotel Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin in Stuttgart makes pool areas slip-resistant. Right across Stuttgart’s central station, we can find the Steigenberger Hotel Graf Zeppelin. Besides luxurious rooms and three restaurants, the hotel also offers a unique spa-concept. To prevent slip and falls, the hotel made the showers and spa floors slip-resistant with Swiss GriP Non-Slip. Wellness … Continued

Bath Mat for elderly

Aged Care: replacing shower mats for a hygienic and durable non-slip solution

A common problem in aged care is tripping and slipping, and bathrooms are especially high-risk areas. Thousands of injuries per year occur in bathrooms, and the majority of these accidents have a long-term, negative impact on the mobility and quality of life of those affected. Shower and bath mats are a popular choice to eliminate … Continued

Non-Slip showers for seniors

Slipping risks: “I was walking on thin ice in my bathroom”

Linda (66) and James (67) have been living in Airport West (Victoria) for more than 25 years. The retired couple’s desire is to remain in their home, therefore they began to look at long-term solutions that would improve their safety.

Non-Slip Baths Hotel

Sheraton Oman: “We implemented the best anti-slip coating available”

The iconic Sheraton Hotel in Oman is one of the tallest buildings in the country and offers world class service. The hotel is has made innovative upgrades to further improve the safety of its sanitary facilities, offering its guests a total of 236 bathtubs with the SWISS GriP non-slip coating. The Sheraton Oman is situated … Continued

Non-Slip Tile Coatings

Swiss GriP® eliminates slipping risks at Europe’s leading wellness clinic

The Lanserhof Lans in Austria offers its guests and patients a secure and slip-free stay with Swiss GriP® NonSlip. The clear, UV-stable non-slip coating was applied to the Corian® solid-surface flooring around the pool areas of the wellness resort. The Lanserhof Lans in Tirol is a first class wellness resort. Thanks to its holistic approach … Continued

Non-Slip Coating at Cottage Motor Inn

Swiss GriP makes showers slip-resistant at The Cottage Motel Inn

The Cottage Motel Inn in Albury chose to meet and exceed safety standards for slip resistance by installing the SWISS GriP Non-Slip safety coating for showers. The motel is located in the regional city of Albury and offers 17 comfortable rooms. Each room has a private bathroom with an acrylic shower base. As the showers … Continued

Non-Slip Coating or Anti-Slip Treatment?

SWISS GriP achieves best non-slip rating by CSIRO

SWISS GriP Australia provides world-class non-slip coatings which are tested and certified by independent experts. In the most recent test run, CSIRO Australia confirmed SWISS GriP coatings meet and exceed the Australian standards for slip resistance (AS 4586:2013) with outstanding results. SWISS GriP NonSlip coatings are used to eliminate slipping incidents on all slippery surfaces. … Continued

Swiss GriP NonSlip PRO at Pool Deck

BVLGARI Resort Dubai contracts SWISS GriP to make pool areas non-slip

The Bvlgari Resort in Dubai is one of the world’s most luxurious wellness resorts. It is situated on a seahorse-shaped island in Jumeira Bay and includes a Yacht and Beach Club. The Italian luxury brand prides itself to offer the highest standard of bespoke services to its guests. To assure guest safety, the Bvlgari Resort … Continued

NonSlip Stair Coating

Anti-slip stair tread nosing without drilling

Stair treads in public areas need to meet the Australian Standard AS 1428. This standard requires that stair treads are clearly visible to avoid tripping incidents. A strip with at least 30% contrast set against the stair tread surface needs to be installed. Moreover, a P3 or P4 non-slip rating is required to comply with … Continued

Sea Life: Where penguins waddle without the risk of slipping

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World: Non-Slip coating makes pathways slip-free for Penguins. They can’t fly, but are excellent swimmers: Penguins. The birds can shoot like a torpedo through water to catch fish. In Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World the black and white animals are a popular attraction. And although ice is not a problem, the … Continued