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Non-Slip Coating or Anti-Slip Treatment?

Slip Resistance

Wet Pendulum Slip Resistance Test – Slip Resistance Explained 

The Australian Standard for slip resistance includes a wet pendulum slip test for both new and existing surfaces. The standards are AS 4586:2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials and AS 4663:2013 Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces. For both tests, two different type of sliders can be used. Firstly, slider 96 is used for pedestrian surfaces. Secondly, slider 55 is used to test the slip resistance for barefoot surfaces. Therefore, Slider 55 is softer and resembles the skin of wet feet. To conduct a valid test, five measurements are taken and the combined average of these tests provide a Slip Resistance Value (SRV), which in return provides a wet pendulum class.

Wet Pendulum Class SRV Slider 55 SRV Slider 96
P0 < 12
P1 < 20 12 → 24
P2 20 → 34 25 → 34
P3 35 → 39 35 → 44
P4 40 → 44 45 → 54
P5 > 44 > 54
Class Slipping Risk
P1 Very high
P2 High
P3 Moderate
P4 Low
P5 Very Low

SWISS GriP Non-Slip – AS 4586-2013

Swiss GriP Non-Slip is certified by CSIRO in accordance to AS 4586-2013. Our coatings score the best possible slip rating in both dry and wet conditions, for pedestrian and barefoot areas. Therefore, Swiss GriP is the ultimate non-slip solution to make new and existing surfaces slip-resistant. Our coatings are used to create slip-free baths, showers, pool decks, ramps, kitchens, entry areas, industrial floors. etc. Our test reports can be downloaded below.

CSIRO Test Report – Swiss GriP NonSlip Floor Coating: (Download – PDF)
CISRO Test Report – Swiss GriP NonSlip Transparent: (Download – PDF)

Wet pendulum test method (slider 55): SRV: 54. Slip Rating: P5
Wet pendulum test method (slider 96): SRV: 76. Slip Rating: P5

AS 4586-2013 - Slip Resistance Explained

International Swiss GriP Non-Slip Certifications 

British Standard BS 7976

Satra Technology – Wet pendulum test. SRV: 0,50: Very Low Slip Potential

European Standard DIN51097 and DIN51130

TÜV Germany – Wet-barefoot inclining platform test: Class C
TÜV Germany – Oil-wet inclining platform test: R10, R11 and R12

American Standard ASTM E 303/93

Falcao Bauer – Wet pendulum test. SRV: 55.

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