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Swiss GriP NonSlip


Swiss GriP Non-Slip

Our origins date back to 1995, when our first non-slip coating was introduced for showers and baths. GriP AntiRutsch, as our solution is known in the German-speaking world, has been adopted by well-known bathtub manufacturers like Villeroy & Boch and Duravit. Moreover, leading hotel groups like Hilton and Holiday Inn trust Swiss GriP to protect guests and staff. Today, our coatings are still developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Our extensive range of non-slip coatings are used in over 50 countries in commercial, industrial and residential projects to prevent slips ands falls. 

Swiss Made

Swiss-made products and solutions have always stood out and are know for their premium quality. Just think about the unmatched quality of Swiss watches and the durability of Swiss army knifes. We our proud to develop and manufacture our coatings in Switzerland and to have to privilege to incorporate the Swiss flag in our logo. We stand by the traditional values of “Swiss-made” because we believe that only the best is good enough when it comes to safety.

Swiss GriP Australia

Swiss GriP Australia Pty Ltd. was established in 2019 in Melbourne to better serve the Australian and Asia Pacific market. All our coatings are stocked in Melbourne. Moreover, our coatings meet and exceed the Australian Standards for slip-resistance. We offer Australia-wide delivery and installation service.

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Why should I use SWISS GriP?

  • Swiss made – Premium quality coatings
  • Durable –  For interior and exterior applications
  • Certified – P5 slip-rating in accordance to AS 4586:2013
  • References – Trusted by leading hotels, hospitals and aged care
  • Active adhesion – Can be used on all slippery surfaces

Swiss GriP versus “anti-slip treatments”

Unlike etching treatments, Swiss GriP is a water-based polyurethane coating. Therefore, our solutions do not change or damage the surface they are applied to. Our coatings create a long lasting, slip-resistant layer on top of the surface. Even in wet conditions, Swiss GriP makes sure there is a direct connection to the surface, effectively eliminating the risk of slipping.