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CAT: Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline transforms learning centre

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  • Commercial

At William Adams Pty Ltd in Clayton, a remarkable transformation has taken place with the help of Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline, a cutting-edge non-slip concrete floor coating. This innovative water-based coating has breathed new life into a former service bay for the Caterpillar dealer, turning it into a state-of-the-art training centre.

When it came to selecting a floor coating for their concrete surface, William Adams Pty Ltd prioritized sustainability. By choosing Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline, they demonstrated their commitment to environmental responsibility. Unlike solvent-, oil-, or epoxy-based coatings, Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline is water-based, and 100 VOC-free. Even the colour options are VOC-free, unlike many other coatings available in Australia. This eco-friendly solution aligns with William Adams Pty Ltd’s dedication to sustainable practices and their overall corporate ethos.


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Customer: William Adams Pty LTd

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Solution: Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline in Light Grey

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Slip-Rating: P3 conform AS 4663-2013

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Non-Slip Concrete Floor Coating
Prior to the installation of Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline, the concrete floor underwent a comprehensive grinding process. This step ensured the removal of many stains and contaminations which the concrete absorbed during its use a service bay. Furthermore, the smooth and even surface, also optimises the adhesion and performance of the coating. The combination of the floor grinding and Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline application has resulted in a truly transformative upgrade for the former service bay, converting it into a state-of-the-art training centre.

Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline is renowned for its outstanding performance and durability. With its light grey color, it seamlessly complements the aesthetics of the training centre at William Adams Pty Ltd. The coating’s P3 slip-rating, certified according to the Australian Standard AS 4663-2013, provides peace of mind to trainers and trainees, ensuring a safe environment for all.

Benefits of Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline:

  1. Sustainability: The water-based formulation with zero VOC emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  2. Slip Resistance: Achieving a P3 slip-rating, the coating exceeds industry standards for slip resistance, ensuring a safe training environment. Moreover, our coatings achieve a much better spreading of non-slip particles compared to other solutions.
  3. Aesthetics: The light grey colour of Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline enhances the overall appearance of the training centre, creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere.
  4. Durability: With outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance, Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline is a long-lasting solution that minimizes the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.

William Adams Pty Ltd’s decision to upgrade their concrete floor using Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline has proven to be a testament to their commitment to sustainability and safety. By choosing a water-based coating with excellent slip resistance and a visually appealing light grey colour, they have transformed their former service bay into a modern and inviting training centre. With its P3 slip-rating according to the Australian Standard AS 4663-2013, Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline protects staff and visitors from slips and falls.