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Swiss GriP creates slip-free bathrooms for Hamer Hall

Application Type:

  • Commercial

When it comes to public spaces, safety is of utmost importance. Areas that often go overlooked but poses significant risks are bathrooms and toilets. Therefore, the Melbourne Hamer Hall recently took proactive steps to ensure slip-free bathrooms for its visitors.

In collaboration with Swiss GriP, a leading provider of anti-slip coatings, the Hamer Hall had its bathroom floors upgraded to enhance both safety without compromising on aesthetics. The Hamer Hall management recognized the need for reliable slip-resistant flooring in their bathrooms. After careful research and evaluation, they chose Swiss GriP as their partner for this crucial project.

This Swiss-made coating has gained recognition for its outstanding grip and durability. It is specifically designed to provide a slip-free surface in wet areas. This makes it the perfect choice for the Hamer Hall bathrooms. Swiss GriP’s team of skilled technicians completed the application in one day reducing down time and obstruction to visitors.

The coating was applied by Graco HVLP ProContractor sprayers, creating a seamless and durable finish that maintains existing aesthetics of the bathrooms. With the application of Swiss GriP Non-Slip, the Hamer Hall now offers slip-free bathrooms and a safe environment for visitors. The anti-slip coating has upgraded the floors to a P3 slip-rating, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls.