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Slip-free concrete floor coating: Eco-Village Northcote

Application Type:

  • Commercial
  • Residential

Northcote Place is a newly developed sustainable village in Melbourne. The houses use renewable energy and achieve an impressive NatHERS rating of 8 stars. Besides excellent insulation, the houses incorporate sustainable materials. Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline, our VOC-free, slip-free concrete floor coating has been used to upgrade the garages. 

Achieving 8 stars in the The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), is not easy. However, by selecting sustainable solutions Northcote Place was able to achieve a carbon neutral rating. We are proud Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline has contributed to this project. Our concrete floor coating has been applied in Traffic Grey.

Our Swiss-made concrete floor coating aligns with the goals of Northcote. Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline is a water-based system and 100% VOC-free. This prevents the release of toxic compounds to the air is the case with oil-, solvent-, and epoxy coatings. Moreover, out coating has a non-dangerous good status, making it safer for the environment and technicians compared to other coatings.

Furthermore, our coating is manufactured in our ISO 14000 certified factory in Switzerland. This means our factory has an environmental management system that helps us to minimise the impact of our whole operational chain on the environment. This starts with the development of our coatings, where sustainable raw-material are selected up to the manufacturing process which uses green energy.

Most importantly, Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline embeds the quality of Swiss-made products. Our slip-free concrete floor coating has outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance. Furthermore, it excels in achieving uniform and consistent non-slip finishes, something which is often overlooked at other coatings.

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Project: Northcote Place

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Solution: Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline