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Swiss GriP creates slip-free pool for Mantra on Russel Melbourne

Application Type:

  • Commercial
  • Pools

Located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, Mantra on Russell offers a comfortable stay for leisure an business guests. The hotel features a heated swimming pool with a sun terrace. Swiss GriP has created a slip-free pool area for Mantra, protecting guests from slips and falls.

Although the tiles around the pool at Mantra on Russell were supposed to provide a slip-free finish, they were extremely slippery in wet conditions. The tiles got a P1 slip-rating in an independent slip-test, the lowest slip rating in the Australian Standard for slip-resistance.

As the Mantra values the safety of its customers, it tested two solutions to make the tiles compliant and safe. The hotel selected the durable Swiss GriP Non-Slip coating over an anti-slip treatment because of our CSIRO certified status. Moreover, unlike anti-slip treatments, Swiss GriP does not damage the surface it is applied onto.

Instead, Swiss GriP has created a slip-free pool by sealing the tiles with a durable, transparent and UV-resistant coating. Approximately 150m2 of tiles have been upgraded with our Swiss-made safety solution. The installation was completed by our certified installation partner Floor Compliance Solutions in Melbourne.