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Melbourne 380 View Swiss GriP

Melbourne 380 – Non-Slip Freestanding Baths

Application Type:

  • Commercial
  • Hotel

Melbourne 380 is a newly constructed skyscraper in Melbourne’s CBD. It includes 728 residential apartments as well as 312 hotel rooms. Swiss GriP was selected by Brady Constructions to make the bathtubs slip-free

Swiss GriP Non-Slip was applied to the poly-marble freestanding bathtubs in the suites of the hotel. Our transparent coating is the best solution to make bathtubs and showers slip-resistant. Unlike anti-slip treatments, the Swiss GriP Coating does not damage the surface it is applied onto. Rather, it creates a transparent, slip resistant finish on top of the surface.

Swiss GriP is certified with a Class C slip-rating in the barefoot ramp test as well as a P5 slip-rating in the wet pendulum test. Moreover, our coating is antimicrobial and easy to keep clean.

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Customer: Brady Constructions

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Product: Swiss GriP Non-Slip Bathroom