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Non-Slip Coating or Anti-Slip Treatment?

SWISS GriP achieves best non-slip rating by CSIRO

SWISS GriP Australia provides world-class non-slip coatings which are tested and certified by independent experts. In the most recent test run, CSIRO Australia confirmed SWISS GriP coatings meet and exceed the Australian standards for slip resistance (AS 4586:2013) with outstanding results.

Pendulum Test - Slip Resistance

SWISS GriP NonSlip coatings are used to eliminate slipping incidents on all slippery surfaces. Our coatings are used to make showers, baths, pool areas, decks, yachts, kitchens and other slippery areas safe. We frequently test and certify our non-slip solutions by independent experts. Examples include TÜV Rheinland in Germany (DIN51097 and 51130), Satra Technology Centre in the UK (BS 7976) and CSIRO Australia (AS 4586:2013).

In March 2020, CSIRO proved that SWISS GriP non-slip coatings meet and exceed the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance, AS 4586:2013. Our single and dual component coatings were certified with P4 and P5 non-slip classes. This means every slippery surface, both trafficked barefoot and on shoes, can be made slip resistant by applying SWISS GriP.

Tests & Results

SWISS GriP was tested by CSIRO for the slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials using the Wet Pendulum Test Method. Both our single and dual component coatings were tested to determine the Slip Resistance Value (SRV) and the corresponding non-slip class. Using a pendulum tester with slider 96 (shoe areas), a mean SRV of 54 and 56 were achieved, translating to P4 and P5 slip resistance classifications. Using slider 55, to test barefoot surfaces, a mean SRV of 76 and 78 were achieved, resulting in a P5 slip resistance classification for both our coatings.

SWISS GriP CoatingSlider 96Slider 55
SWISS GriP NonSlip Clear
Dual component coating
SWISS GriP Safety Floor Coating
Single component coating

Our solutions have become the most used non-slip coatings worldwide. Private households, leading sanitary manufacturers, hotel chains, hospitals and aged care facilities trust SWISS GriP to provide the best possible safety standards and eliminate slipping incidents.