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Swiss GriP Non-Slip Durability

Durability of Swiss GriP Non-Slip: “It exceeded my expectations”

Many customers ask us about the performance and durability of Swiss GriP Non-Slip. To answer this question, The Ormond Collective in Melbourne shares their experience after having our CSIRO-certified coating installed in 2020.

The Ormond Collective operates a restaurant, café and wine bar in Melbourne. It provides a cosy and spacious venue, ideal for a drink, a warm brew and a bite to eat. To eliminate the risk if slipping for staff and customers at the Conservatory Café, the Ormond Collective had Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO installed.

After a testing several solutions, Swiss GriP Non-Slip was selected over anti-slip treatments. This was because the treatments stained the black tiles and the slip-resistance in wet conditions was poor. Swiss GriP on the other hand performed excellent. However, Vince Azzopardi – the Operations Manager at The Omrond Collective – was a bit sceptical about the durability of a coating.

“My staff is extremely happy with Swiss GriP. They can walk much faster as there is no risk of slipping anymore, even in wet conditions.

Vince, Operations Manager at The Ormond Collective

Durability of Swiss GriP Non-Slip

“To be completely honest, I had my doubts about having a coating installed”, Vince explains. “I have seen other coatings perform poorly as they started to peel within two months,” he continues. “But Swiss GriP has exceeded all my expectations on durability. The coating does not peel, even though there is a lot of traffic and chairs and tables are dragged and moved over the surface on a daily basis.”

Moreover, the coating does what it promises. “My staff is extremely happy with Swiss GriP. They can walk much faster as there is no risk of slipping, even in wet conditions”, Vince says. “So besides safety, Swiss GriP has also contributed to the efficiency and productivity of my team.”


Another benefit of Swiss GriP over anti-slip treatments is that it seals the surface by creating a water-repellent finish on the tiles. Furthermore, the Swiss GriP is certified as antimicrobial (ISO 846), preventing the growth of algae and bacteria.

Therefore, it is easy to clean a Swiss GriP surface. “We can even use the pressure washer on the Swiss GriP coating, without blasting it from the tiles,” Vince explains. “And because dirt is not absorbed into the coating it is easy to just rinse it off.” The Swiss GriP coating can also be cleaned with microfibre mops as well as cleaning machines, as long as a soft brush is used.

No Cure-No Pay

Swiss GriP Non-Slip is the only installer of non-slip solutions in Australia to provide a No-Cure, No-Pay warranty. This means that we guarantee any installation project will achieve a P4 slip-rating in accordance to AS 4663. The test to measure the slip-resistance can be carried out by any NATA-accredited testing company.

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