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AntiSlip Hotel

Atura Albury chooses Swiss GriP to prevent slips and falls in kitchen

Atura Albury is a 140-room hotel situated in the heart of Albury, New South Wales. The hotel’s urban, industrial and art-inspired styling is fused with dynamic open plan spaces and offers guests an escape from everyday life.

Hotel management prioritises safety and after assessment of the kitchen a decision was made to increase the slip resistance of the floor to prevent potential slips and falls. Retiling the entire floor would cause extensive downtime, so they looked for alternative solutions.

After evaluating several options, Atura Albury chose Swiss GriP Non-Slip Coating to be applied to the existing floor tiles. The transparent coating upgraded the surface to the highest slip rating in the Australian Safety Standard (AS 4586) effectively preventing slips and falls, even in wet and greasy conditions.

NonSlip Kitchen Floor

An added benefit was that the Swiss-made non-slip coating sealed the tiles. ‘Many non-slip solutions are based on acid etching which creates tiny cracks in the surface,’ explains Dennis Keltjens, Installation Technician at Swiss GriP Australia. ‘This causes a hygienic risk as the surface is porous and easily absorbs dirt.’

‘The durable, slip-resistant finish sets our solution apart,’ says Dennis. ‘It seals the surface for a favourable easy and efficient cleaning routine.’

As Swiss GriP Non-Slip Coating is transparent, the aesthetics of other surfaces such as showers, pool areas, verandas and other high quality substrates are not altered.

If required, Swiss GriP can be completely removed without damaging surfaces. Swiss GriP offers installation service in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and WA.

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