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The Importance of Non-Slip Coatings: Reducing Slips and Falls in Public Transport

On Friday, May 31, 2024, Nine News highlighted a pressing concern: the rising number of slips and falls in public transport. The latest statistics are alarming, with 1,900 incidents and 900 reported injuries in Sydney alone, during the financial year 2022/23. These figures underscore the urgent need for effective solutions to enhance safety in public transport environments.

At SwissGriP, we understand the critical importance of safety. Our non-slip coatings are designed to increase the slip resistance of existing tiles and other surfaces, providing a reliable solution to this growing problem. As a leading manufacturer of non-slip coatings in Australia, we are committed to making public spaces safer for everyone.

The Rising Concern of Slips and Falls

Slips and falls can occur anywhere, but the confined and often crowded spaces of public transport make them particularly hazardous. These incidents can result in serious injuries, ranging from fractures and sprains to head injuries, which can have long-term consequences for the individuals affected. The statistics reported by Transport NSW highlight the scale of the problem, with 1,900 slips and falls leading to 900 injuries in just one year in Sydney alone.

Why Non-Slip Coatings Matter

Non-slip coatings play a crucial role in reducing the risk of slips and falls. By increasing the slip resistance of surfaces, these coatings provide an added layer of safety, making environments like train stations, bus terminals, and ferry decks significantly safer for passengers.

At SwissGriP, our non-slip coatings are engineered to adhere to various surfaces, including tiles, metal, and concrete, ensuring that they remain slip-resistant even in wet and high-traffic conditions. Our coatings are tested to meet rigorous safety standards, ensuring maximum effectiveness in preventing slips and falls.

Case Studies and Real-World Applications

Several public transport authorities worldwide have already begun to recognize the benefits of non-slip coatings. For instance, transport systems in cities like London and New York have successfully implemented non-slip solutions in their stations and vehicles, resulting in a noticeable reduction in slip-related incidents. These real-world applications provide a blueprint for how Australian public transport systems can enhance safety using similar measures.

SwissGriP: Leading the Way in Safety Solutions

SwissGriP’s commitment to safety extends beyond product development. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our coatings are applied correctly and maintained properly. Our team of experts provides comprehensive support, from the initial consultation to post-application maintenance, ensuring that our non-slip solutions deliver lasting results.


The statistics reported by Transport NSW serve as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing slip and fall hazards in public transport. With 1,900 incidents and 900 injuries in just one year, there is a clear and urgent need for effective safety measures. SwissGriP’s non-slip coatings offer a proven solution to enhance safety and reduce the risk of slips and falls in public transport environments.

As we continue to innovate and launch new safety solutions, we remain dedicated to making public spaces safer for everyone. By investing in non-slip coatings, public transport authorities can protect passengers, reduce injury-related costs, and enhance the overall safety and reliability of their services.

For more information about SwissGriP and our range of non-slip coatings, please visit our website or contact our team of experts. Together, we can make a difference in reducing slips and falls in public transport.