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Swiss GriP Wins Tender To Seal Rainbow Serpent Mural Artwork For Stockland

Art has the power to transform and inspire, but when it comes to public spaces, safety is paramount. The mesmerizing Rainbow Serpent mural, a captivating outdoor pop-up park artwork in Point Cook, recently encountered an unexpected challenge. As children slipped while running on the artwork, it became evident that an innovative solution was needed to ensure both aesthetics and safety. Swiss GriP emerged as the hero, winning the tender to seal the artwork and provide slip-resistance, ensuring the continued enjoyment of this breathtaking masterpiece.

The Rainbow Serpent Artwork by Fiona Clarke and Kenneth McKean

Unveiling the Rainbow Serpent

Detail of the Artwork depicting a New Holland Honeyeater. Moreover, a waterhole can be seen next to the bird.

The Rainbow Serpent mural, located within the heart of the Stockland Point Cook Shopping Centre, stands as a testament to the beauty and cultural richness of the community. This vibrant artwork, inspired by indigenous themes, brings a splash of colour and a sense of wonder to the surroundings, captivating the hearts of locals and visitors alike. The sinuous curves and vibrant hues of the serpent evoke a sense of movement and harmony, making it a centrepiece that draws people in.

The Artwork was created by Fiona Clarke and her husband Kenneth McKean. Fiona is a strong Gunditjmara/ Kirrae Whurrong woman and she has been making First Nations art for over 33 years. Kenneth has also been an artist for over 33 year and has been involved in the Aboriginal community, (predominantly the Gunditjmara and Kirrae Whurrong communities), since the age of 17.  

“We chose the theme of the Rainbow Serpent for its strong connection to the Aboriginal community,’‘ explained Ms Clarke and Mr McKean at the grand opening of the Artwork. ”The many colours we used represent the diversity of the Point Cook community and you’ll see local wildlife like the Blue Wren, Orange-bellied Parrot, and New Holland Honeyeater in the artwork, too.

The Slippery Challenge

As the mural was unveiled and the community gathered to marvel at its beauty, a sobering challenge emerged. Several children slipped and fell while running on the artwork when wet, raising concerns about slip-resistance. This unforeseen predicament required a creative solution that would uphold both the artwork’s visual allure and the safety of those who engage with it.

Swiss GriP: A Perfect Match

Detail of the Artwork which includes the Orange-Bellied Parrot, and people sitting together.

Amidst the dilemma, Swiss GriP emerged as a clear frontrunner, offering a transparent coating that not only met the practical requirements but also seamlessly complemented the mural’s aesthetics. Swiss GriP’s renowned slip-resistant coating has a proven track record of enhancing safety across various surfaces, making it a natural fit for the Rainbow Serpent artwork.

The decision to entrust Swiss GriP with the task of preserving and safeguarding the mural’s essence was a testament to the confidence in the company’s expertise and dedication to excellence. After several trials with a range of solutions, Swiss GriP came out as the clear winner. Unlike other solutions, the Swiss-made coating did not damage the artwork due to its unique, water-based, non-dangerous coating formula. Moreover, it met and exceeded the required slip-resistance rating.

Sealing Safety with Elegance

The application of Swiss GriP‘s transparent coating has another benefit beyond slip-resistance. As the coating acts as a sealer, it protects the Artwork. Moreover, it significantly reduces wear and thus visitors can longer enjoy the Artwork. The result was a symbiotic union of safety and aesthetics, where children and visitors can now freely explore the artwork without the fear of slipping, all while appreciating its intricate details up close.

Community’s Rejoice

The successful transformation of the Rainbow Serpent mural garnered widespread acclaim within the Point Cook community and beyond. The seamless integration of Swiss GriP’s solution not only resolved a safety challenge but also underscored the commitment to fostering an environment where art and safety coexist harmoniously.

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