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Swiss GriP Rolls Out Certified Installer Trainings Across Australia

Through a comprehensive training program, Swiss GriP has equipped a range of services providers across Australia with the necessary expertise to become certified Swiss GriP installers.

The demand for slip and fall risk mitigation solutions has experienced significant growth in recent years. Swiss GriP, as the leading non-slip coating in Australia, has successfully established itself in this market. Additionally, our Swiss-made coatings have emerged as a valuable product offering for numerous installation and service providers.

“The Swiss GriP certification program has been a game-changer for my business,”

Awel from Floor Compliance Solutions
Michael from Mornington Waterproofing during an installation training

Certified Installers

By becoming a certified Swiss GriP installer, companies gain the knowledge and skills to install our Swiss-made coatings, ensuring that customers can enjoy safe and secure environments.

Awel, owner of Floor Compliance Solutions, has experienced remarkable business growth after becoming a certified Swiss GriP installer. “The certification program has been a game-changer for my business,” Awel proudly explains. “We have not only expanded our service offerings but also gained a competitive advantage in the market.

Reflecting on the benefits of becoming a certified Swiss GriP installer, Awel advises other installation companies to seize the opportunity without hesitation. “Swiss GriP provided several ”on-the-job” installation trainings by their technician. I found this very helpful as it tackled the whole installation process from prepping to the application.” Awel now offers Swiss GriP Installations across Melbourne.

Improving Safety and Wellbeing

Another certified Swiss GriP Installer is In A Minnit Property Services. ”We offer a range of solutions to address potential hazards and improve the overall safety of living spaces,” explains managing director Tim. ”Swiss GriP has been a perfect addition to our product offering as it aligns perfectly with our mission of enhancing safety and confidence at home.”

Tim recalls a recent installation project for a retired couple. ”We were approached by a couple with concerns about slippery tiles in their bathroom. Taking a shower was an undertaking for them, even though there were grab bars installed. It was extremely satisfactory to see the impact that Swiss GriP had for our customer,” says Tim. ”It has given them peace of mind knowing that they can now navigate the bathroom confidently and safely.”

Installation Training of Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline.

Access to Enquiries and Increased Business Opportunities

Becoming a certified Swiss GriP installer comes with the added benefit of receiving customer enquiries directly from Swiss GriP.

Chris from EcoSteam confirms this. ”It has allowed us to reach a wider audience as we receive additional enquiries from Swiss GriP. Their reputation and effectiveness have also resulted in word-of-mouth referrals, which has further contributed to our growth.”

Besides new enquiries, Chris also offers Swiss GriP installation to his existing customers. ”I provide cleaning services to a wide range of customers. Many of them have areas that are not compliant with the Australian Safety Standards for slip-resistance. So Swiss GriP comes in here as a solution.

Other companies in Victoria that have been certified by Swiss GriP in Victoria include Premier Restorations and Mornington Waterproofing. These companies, with their specialized skills and experience, ensure that customers in the region have access to the highest quality non-slip coatings and installation services.

Chris from In A Minnit Property Services applies Swiss GriP Transparent to a shower base

Australia Wide Installation Service

Swiss GriP’s dedication to safety extends beyond Victoria. In Sydney, Prime Industrial has been certified as a Swiss GriP installer, enabling them to cater to the non-slip coating needs of the city’s diverse industries. In the ACT, GriPAction has emerged as a trusted provider of Swiss GriP installations. Queensland is served by RQC Group, All Over Painting, ARP Care, and CBS Building Group, who offering their expertise to enhance safety in various industries. Trimtech in Adelaide and Shine it Systems in Perth complete the network of certified Swiss GriP installers across the country.

There are already several other companies lined up to become certified Swiss GriP installers, including in New Castle, Tasmania and Geelong. In some cases, the Swiss GriP installation training is free when it is combined with an initial product order. If there is not directly a project available, it is also possible for trainees to do the training at Swiss GriP in South Melbourne.

For an interactive map with Swiss GriP Installers across Australia you can visit our Installer Page.

Becoming a Certified Swiss GriP Installer

Do you want more information about becoming a certified Swiss GriP Installer? Contact us via the form below. We reply within 24 hours.