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Non-Slip Coating at Cottage Motor Inn

Swiss GriP makes showers slip-resistant at The Cottage Motel Inn

The Cottage Motel Inn in Albury chose to meet and exceed safety standards for slip resistance by installing the SWISS GriP Non-Slip safety coating for showers.

The motel is located in the regional city of Albury and offers 17 comfortable rooms. Each room has a private bathroom with an acrylic shower base. As the showers were slippery, especially in wet conditions, the hotel decided to eliminate this safety hazard by installing the Swiss GriP Non-Slip safety coating.

This premium quality coating was chosen due to its unique characteristics. Unlike other safety solutions, the Swiss made anti-slip coating creates a clear, anti-bacterial and slip resistant finish on the surface it is applied to. The safety coating creates a comfortable grip to the barefoot, which has been compared to, “walking on a wet sandy beach”.

While SWISS GriP manages to create a comfortable grip, it also exceeds the Australian Standard for slip resistance, AS 4586:2013. The coating comes with a P4 and P5 slip rating and can therefore be used to upgrade the safety standards of any surface.

Looking to make your bath, shower, pool or other area slip resistant? Swiss GriP offers a solution for every surface. Contact us for more information at