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Swiss GriP Wear Test

Swiss GriP scores outstanding results in accelerated wear test

Swiss GriP Non-Slip is the most used transparent non-slip coating in Australia. Not only because our coatings are CSIRO certified, also because of the exceptional durability. An independent accelerated wear test confirms Swiss GriP outperforms the slip resistance of anti-slip treatments and tiles.

We often get asked how long the Swiss GriP coating will last once applied. As with other flooring materials, there is no straightforward answer to this question. Durability depends on many factors like the type of traffic and intensity as well as maintenance of a floor.

To test the wear and tear of the Swiss GriP coating, we commissioned Slip Test Australia to perform an accelerated wear test (AWT) on our coating applied to a tile. The test provides an indication of how the slip resistance of a surface performs during long term use. Our coating scored excellent results, especially compared to recommended maintenance values by Intertile Research.

When we compare our rating with the Intertile Research recommendations, our coating perform significantly better than tiles in accelerated wear tests. This recommendation links the ACT value to minimum “maintenance value”, which is after 500 cycles. For example, when surface has a P5 slip-rating (Slip Resistance Value of at least 55), it should score a Minimum Slip Resistance Value of 40 after 500 cycles. This SRV of 40 translates to M5 Maintenance value.

Swiss GriP Non-Slip Accelerated Wear Test Results

Wear CyclesSwiss GriP Non-Slip SRV MeanSwiss GriP Non-Slip – Slip RatingAWC Maintenance Value
Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO – Accelerated Wear Test Values

So what is the Maintenance Rating? This is the measurement of the slip-resistance rating after a 500 cycles. For example, when a coating scores a P5 slip-rating (Slip Resistance Value of at least 55), prior to starting the AWT, it should score a minimum Slip Resistance Rating of 40 after 500 cycles. The recommendations by Intertile Research can be seen below.

The Intertile Research Paper recommends that flooring with P3 slip-rating should also have a M3 classification, namely a minimum mean SRV of 27 after 500 AWC Cycles.

Swiss GriP maintains the best Maintenance Value Rating of M5 after 500 cycles. Even after 2000 cycles, Swiss GriP only shows wear and tear of 17%, still scoring the best possible Maintenance Value M5.

Existing ClassificationSlider 96AWC Maintenance ValuesSlider 96
ClassMinimum SRVClass (M)Minimum SRV
Intertile Research – I

Comparing Swiss GriP to Tiles

We now know Swiss GriP has excellent durability, but how does Swiss GriP compare to for example tiles? The research paper “Sustainable Slip Resistance: An Opportunity for Innovation” by Carl J Strautins (2008), tests the slip-rating of various tiles before and after accelerated wear tests. The results might surprise you.

For example, a dust pressed porcelain tile with anti-slip glaze (Sample F in his paper) scores a P5 slip rating (SRV 79) before the wear test. However, after the test, the SRV has been reduced to 29, a reduction of 63%. Sample E, a flat dust pressed porcelain tile with anti-slip glaze scores an SRV of 82 prior to the test but only an SRV of 31 after the test.

Moreover, Strautins states that “the samples that had undergone wear did not appear to change visually, with the exception of viewing under reflected light where a dull shine was observed for all worn specimens relative to unworn areas of the tile.”

Comparing Swiss GriP to Anti-Slip Treatments

Anti-slip treatments work completely different than Swiss GriP. Whereas our solution protects the tile by creating a slip-resistant finish, anti-slip treatments are acid. As you might suspect, acid creates cracks in the glazing or top surface of the tile. Strong acid can even attack the silica in the tile, causing discolouration. Because anti-slip treatments damage the top surface of the tiles, the wear and tear is accelerated significantly. Although anti-slip treatments somewhat improve the slip-resistance, the slip rating rarely last longer than 3 months.

Learn more about the differences between Swiss GriP and Anti-Slip Treatments.

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