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Non-Slip Baths Hotel

Sheraton Oman: “We implemented the best anti-slip coating available”

The iconic Sheraton Hotel in Oman is one of the tallest buildings in the country and offers world class service. The hotel is has made innovative upgrades to further improve the safety of its sanitary facilities, offering its guests a total of 236 bathtubs with the SWISS GriP non-slip coating.

The Sheraton Oman is situated in Muscat and the hotel’s 230 rooms (of which 27 are suites) offer a magnificent view of the Hajjar mountain range. Not to mention the eleven conference rooms and the largest ballroom in the country (1,200 square metres). Besides luxury, the hotel has a safety first mentality and therefore decided to have SWISS GriP installed.

„We would like to increase the well-being of our guests and make sure they can walk safely. In the context of our bathroom renovations, we therefore implemented the best anti-slip coating available,” explains Elena Prokopieva, Task Force Marketing Manager at the Sheraton Oman Hotel.

Wet and soapy surfaces are unpredictable. As a matter of fact, slipping on wet surfaces is one of the leading causes of accidents and poses a major risk in the hotel business. Shower mats are not a good solution since they do not guarantee slip resistance and can be hard to keep clean.

Non-Slip Coating at Sheraton

SWISS GriP is a water-based non-slip coating and can be installed anywhere in the hotel, especially in bathtubs, showers, pool decks, kitchens and other surfaces prone to slipping or tripping incidents. SWISS GriP is made in Switzerland, meets all anti-slip standards and is resistant to disinfectants. Surfaces can be easily cleaned with normal floor cleaning agents, high-pressure washers and spray brush vacuum cleaners.

By having Swiss GriP installed, Sheraton Oman now exceeds the non-slip safety standards for hotel bathrooms. The safety solution is TÜV certified and scores a Class-C (DIN 51097) in the wet-barefoot inclining platform test method. Moreover, Swiss GriP scores a P5 slip-rating in the wet pendulum test method (SL 55). The coating has been certified by CSIRO in Melbourne in accordance to AS 4586:2013, the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance.

Customer: Sheraton Oman
Scope of work: 236 acrylic bathtubs made slip resistant
Solution: Swiss GriP NonSlip PRO – Transparent