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Sea Life: Where penguins waddle without the risk of slipping

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World: Non-Slip coating makes pathways slip-free for Penguins.

They can’t fly, but are excellent swimmers: Penguins. The birds can shoot like a torpedo through water to catch fish. In Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World the black and white animals are a popular attraction. And although ice is not a problem, the penguins do slip in their aquarium. Sea Life looked for a solution to make the epoxy floors slip-free and found SWISS GriP. After the floors were applied with the certified and transparent non-slip coating, the Penguins could wobble around safely.

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is located the city centre of Bangkok and is the largest aquarium in South East Asia. Again and again, penguins would slip and hurt themselves when they were on their way to the water tank. The “Penguin’s walkway” is a white epoxy floor and water can never really dry. “This caused the penguins to slip when wobbling towards and from the water tank”, remembers Thilo Bräuninger, CEO of SWISS GriP in Switzerland. “Together with our local partner, Myako Thailand Co. Ltd., an area of about 60 square metre was made slip-free. Now even penguins are safe because of our non-slip solution. That’s truly amazing.”

Non-Slip Pool Deck

SWISS GriP NonSlip can be used to make almost any surface slip-free. The transparent coating gets applied on baths, showers, tiles, marble, wood, concrete and glass. It is used in residential and commercial settings, like hotels, hospitals, aged care facilities as well as pools, boats and commercial kitchens.

The Aquarium’s epoxy floor was made slip-free within three days. “Our technicians used the SWISS GriP NonSlip application kits, which made it easy to finish the job”, explains Wanna Napathorn, director at Myako Thailand. “The coating is easy to apply and is dry within twelve hours. Slip-resistance was very important for this job. That is why we decided to use this Swiss-made coating.” After the application, the floor reached the R11 anti-slip level. The Australian Standard for Slip Resistance (As 4586) recommends this standard for walkways, staircases, pool areas and ramps.

Swiss GriP NonSlip Coating