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slip-resistant marble shower

Slip-Resistant Marble Shower

Application Type:

  • Residential

This luxurious bathroom in a villa near Yarra Glen, Victoria was causing slipping issues for the owner. After careful consultation the architect of the property specified Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO to create a slip-resistant marble shower.

Marble and other polished surfaces are prone to slipping and falls, especially in wet conditions. As our customer wanted to prevent the risk of slipping he wanted a durable and certified solution suitable for the luxurious marble. Two options were considered: Swiss GriP and an Anti-Slip Treatment. However, because anti-slip treatments are acid, it dissolves the limestone present in marble.

This is the reason why anti-slip treatments often discolour and permanently damage the surface. Because Swiss GriP is a durable, water-based non-slip coating, it does not damage the surface it is applied onto. Therefore, it is the perfect solution to make marble, ceramic tiles, concrete and other surfaces slip-free. Swiss GriP Non-Slip was applied by our installation team to create a slip-resistant marble shower. And after just 10 hours of curing, the shower was ready for normal use.

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Customer: Residential customer specified by Laydene Property Group

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Slip Rating: P5 in accordance to AS 4663-2031

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Solution: Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO Transparent