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slip-resistant floor

Slip-resistant floors, Botanical Hotel

Application Type:

  • Commercial
  • Kitchen

The Botanical Hotel is located in South Yarra at the edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens. The popular pub provides sophisticated dining and warm service and holds the Ft. Gourmet Traveller’s Victorian Wine List of the Year. Swiss GriP has created several slip-resistant floors for the Botanical Hotel.

Besides providing outstanding service, the Botanical Hotel also cares about safety for guests and staff. Therefore, the management was looking into improving the slip-resistance of several floors. After analysing several options, Swiss GriP Non-Slip was selected over an anti-slip treatment. “An anti-slip treatment would have stained the delicate mosaic tiles of the dining room”, Dennis Keltjens, technical manager at Swiss GriP, explains.

“Moreover, the slip-resistance provided by anti-slip treatments is not certified and limited on wet surfaces,” Dennis continues. “So for high risk areas like kitchens, a certified coating like Swiss GriP provides a certain solution”. Swiss GriP is independently certified by CSIRO with a P4/P5 slip rating in accordance to AS 4586. Another benefit of Swiss GriP is that it creates a protective layer on top of the surface.

Swiss GriP was professionally applied to the kitchen floor, a dining area and an outdoor terrace. “The slip-resistance is excellent”, says Anna, who works as a chef in the kitchen. “Before Swiss GriP, the floor was like an ice-skating ring. We used anti-slip mats but they are very unhygienic and do not cover the whole floor. Work in the kitchen can get very stressful and now I don’t have to worry about slipping anymore.

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Customer: Botanical Hotel

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Solution: Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO Transparent

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Slip Rating: P4 in accordance to AS/NZS 4586-2013