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slip resistant concrete floor coating

Slip-Resistant Concrete Floor Coating – Factory

Application Type:

  • Commercial

Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline in Light Grey was applied to this worn down concrete factory floor to make it slip-resistant. Besides the safety aspect, our coating has also provided a visual upgrade to the concrete floor and can withstand chemical spills and forklift traffic. 

Our customer selected Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline over an epoxy coating due to our outstanding finish and durability. A common issue with epoxy coatings is that roller marks remain visible in the coating after curing. Moreover, the previous epoxy coating on this concrete floor had a highly inconsistent anti-slip finish.

Our slip-resistant concrete floor coating has several advantages over epoxy as well as oil- and solvent based coatings. First of all, Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline is VOC-free and therefore an environmentally friendly solution. Furthermore, it was developed to work perfectly with the Swiss GriP Non-Slip particles. This makes our it a visually stunning slip-resistant concrete floor coating. Unlike epoxy coatings, the Swiss GriP Non-Slip particles are incorporated in our coating. Therefore, we guarantee visually stunning results which comply to the Australian Safety Standards.

In total, Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline in light grey and with a P3 slip-rating, was applied to 65m2 of concrete. Two layers were applied to create a long lasting and durable floor. Several before- and after-installation pictures can be seen on the right.

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Customer: It Is All Dutch to Me

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Solution: Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline in Light Grey

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Slip-Rating: P3 in accordance to AS 4663-2016