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Non-Slip Pool Deck Swiss GriP

Slip-Free Marble Pool Deck, Pakenham (VIC)

Application Type:

  • Pools
  • Residential

Creating a slip-free marble pool deck can be a challenge because many anti-slip solutions are not suitable for this surface type. This is where the durable Swiss GriP Non-Slip Coating provides an unique solution. 

Unlike anti-slip treatments, Swiss GriP does not damage or dissolve the porous nature of marble. Instead, our coating creates a durable non-slip finish on top of the surface. This also means, Swiss GriP protects the marble against the elements.

In total, our certified technicians applied the transparent and UV-resistant non-slip coating to 57m2 of marble tiles.

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Customer: Residential Customer in Pakenham, VIC

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Solution: Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO