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Accessible slip-free bathroom

Slip-Free Kitchen, Gisborne (VIC)

Application Type:

  • Commercial
  • Kitchen
3 Little Pigs serves breakfast, lunch, sweet treats, daily specials and more. Swiss GriP was commissioned to create slip-free kitchen floor to protect staff against slips and falls. 
To optimise staff-safety, the owner of 3 Little Pigs looked for a non-slip solution for the kitchen. To make sure he complied with Health and Safety Regulations, it was important the solution would meet the Australian Standard for Slip-Resistance. Another key aspect was that the existing tiles should remain in place.
Because Swiss GriP creates a transparent non-slip finish on top of the surface and is CSIRO-certified, it is the ultimate solution to create a slip-free kitchen floor. Our coatings are tested and certified by leading institutions in wet and oily conditions. Unlike any other solution, we guarantee a P4 or R11 slip rating in accordance to AS 4663.
In total, our technician installed the Swiss GriP Non-Slip coating with a HVLP Graco Sprayer to about 20m2 of tiles.

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Customer: 3 Little Pigs Gisborne

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Solution: Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO

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Slip Rating: P4 and R12 in accordance to AS 4663-2013.