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Non-Slip Toilet Area

Non-Slip Toilet Areas – ANZ Headquarters

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  • Commercial

ANZ is among the top 4 banks in Australia with its global headquarters in Melbourne. Situated alongside the Yarra River, on Melbourne’s Collins Street, the building houses about 6,500 of ANZ’s people. The protect staff from slips and falls, Swiss GriP was commissioned to create Non-Slip Toilet Areas as well as non-slip disabled bathrooms.

Swiss GriP has previously made kitchen areas slip-free at ANZ’s 85,000-square-metre head office. To meet and exceed the Australian Standards for Slip-Resistance (AS 4663-2013), the bank has decided to create non-slip toilet areas with Swiss GriP. Our durable, transparent coating achieves a P4 slip rating when tested with slider 96 and a P5 slip rating when tested with slider 55 (barefoot areas).

Our CSIRO-certified coating was installed by our application team to ceramic tiles in the toilet areas. Our coating was professionally installed using Graco Sprayers. After 12 hours of curing the surface was already accessible, limiting down time. Moreover, the ANZ Headquarters houses several accessible bathrooms. Swiss GriP Non-Slip was also applied to the tiles in these bathrooms. Staff can now shower with out the risk of slips and falls.


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Customer: ANZ

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Slip Resistance: P5 in accordance to AS 4663-2013 with slider 55
P4 in accordance to AS 4663-2013 with slider 96

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Solution: Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO Transparent