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Non-Slip Shower and Bathroom

Non-Slip Shower and Bathroom – Malvern East

Application Type:

  • Residential

At this beautiful residential property in Malvern East, Swiss GriP was used to create a non-slip shower and bathroom. Our transparent coating was applied on top of the tiles, providing the best possible slip-rating while also sealing the surface.

Our customer was worried about slipping as the tiles scored a P1 slip-rating in the Australian Standard (AS 4663), far below the recommended standard of P3. To eliminate any safety risk, we applied Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO which is certified by CSIRO with a P5 slip rating. Unlike other solutions, our unique coating achieves this without creating an abrasive surface. Many customers compare the Swiss GriP finish to walking on a wet sandy beach.

Bath Mat
Prior to installing Swiss GriP, our customer had a bath mat in the shower. However, this significantly impacted the clean design of the bathroom. Moreover, mould and dirt develop quickly underneath bath and shower mats. Swiss GriP has been especially developed as the superior and certified alternative to bathmats. Not only is Swiss GriP completely transparent, it is antimicrobial as well as water and dirt repellent. This makes it the leading solution to create a non-slip shower and bathroom.


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Customer: Specified by Good Constructions for residential property in Malvern East

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Slip Rating: P5 in accordance to AS 4663 with slider 55

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Solution: Swiss GriP Non-Slip Bathroom