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Non-Slip Entry Area

Slip-resistant walkways: CSL, Parkville (VIC)

Application Type:

  • Commercial

CSL develops innovative biotherapies and influenza vaccines. It also manufactures the Astra Zeneca vaccine in Australia. We were asked to install the Swiss GriP Non-Slip Coating at several areas to protect staff and visitors from slips and falls.

To eliminate slips and falls, our technicians applied Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO to a total area of 85m2. Our transparent and UV-resistant non-slip coating was applied to ceramic and slate tiles. Although slate and ceramic are very different, both surfaces achieved a P4 slip-rating in accordance to AS 4586 after the Swiss GriP installation.

The Swiss GriP Installation Service includes pre-application surface cleaning, application of the Swiss GriP Primer and the application of Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO.

Customer: CSL Australia
Solution: Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO