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Non Skid Deck

Non-Skid Decks

Non-Skid Deck Paint

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CSIRO Certified

Creates a durable, certified non-slip finish on any deck

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Easy to Apply

Easy to apply by roller or airless sprayer

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Non-yellowing, UV-stable technology

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Premium Quality

Premium quality, Swiss-made coating

Non Skid Deck Paint

Non-Skid Deck Paint

Swiss GriP Non-Slip is a durable, premium quality non-skid coating and suitable for every deck. Our transparent, UV-stable coating is certified by CSIRO Australia. Therefore, we can guarantee a slip-free and safe deck.

  • Transparent – The only transparent, UV-Stable anti-skid coating for decks
  • Easy to apply – Apply by roller or airless sprayer. No need to sand prior to the application!
  • Active adhesion – For fibreglass, PVC, teak, acrylics and other synthetic materials
  • Non-toxic – Environmentally-friendly, water-based non-skid coating
  • Durable– Easy maintenance due to water and dirt repellent technology
  • Certified – The only certified anti-skid coating for marine applications

Why should I use Swiss GriP?

Due to Swiss GriP’s superior adhesion, any deck can be made slip-resistant. There is no need to sand the surface, so the application process is simple and fast. Moreover, Swiss GriP is the only non-skid coating which has been certified for slip-resistance by CSIRO Australia.

Furthermore, you can apply Swiss GriP by roller and airless sprayer (as is). So no matter how large your deck is, Swiss GriP allows for an easy and straightforward application process. Due to our superior technology, Swiss GriP has been used by leading yacht builders like Gulf Craft’s Majesty Yachts for the United Arab Emirates.

Non-Skid Deck Paint

Non-Skid Deck Paint

Swiss GriP Solutions

How to install Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO

Swiss GriP NonSlip Pro is a dual-component non-slip coating and easy to install.

Thoroughly clean area using GriP Intensive Cleaner or another alkaline based cleaner in conjunction with water and a stiff bristled brush removing all dirt, dust and unwanted materials etc. Wash clean until all foaming ceases using a hose or power washer. Allow to dry before applying SWISS GriP Non-Slip.

Use mixing cups and an electronic precision scale. Stir Coating A thoroughly before use with a broad, flat paddle or electrical mixer. Mixing Ratio: 6 to 1. Stir mixture thoroughly before use with a mixing stick. Apply one coat by roller of SWISS GriP Non-Slip coating. A second coat is not required. Apply 60 grams of coating and hardener per sq metre.
Swiss GriP can also be applied by airless sprayer (Graco HVLP Turboforce) or with 1.6mm nozzle spray gun and 3 Barr air pressure. In this case, apply a cross coat to the surface.

  • Curing Time: Trafficable in 12 hours. Full chemical curing time: four days.
Non-Skid Deck Paint

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