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Hotel Guest Safety: Slip and Fall Prevention

Hotel Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin in Stuttgart makes pool areas slip-resistant.

Right across Stuttgart’s central station, we can find the Steigenberger Hotel Graf Zeppelin. Besides luxurious rooms and three restaurants, the hotel also offers a unique spa-concept. To prevent slip and falls, the hotel made the showers and spa floors slip-resistant with Swiss GriP Non-Slip.

Wellness and Zen
On the fifth floor of the hotel, guests can find the stylish Zen-inspired wellness-spa. Covering over 500m2, the spa has an exquisite interior design which uses high-quality materials and intensive red and warm gold colours. The spa offers a wide range of speciality treatments, as well as large pool, a sauna and steam bath.

Hotel Guest Safety: Slip and Fall Prevention

Guest Safety
Steigenberger hotels pay close attention to details, especially when it comes to guest safety. “We found that the tiles pose high slipping risk in wet conditions”, says Andreas Baierl, Technical Manager at the Graf Zepelin. Although the tiles have an R11 safety standard in dry conditions, there was a real risk someone would slip when getting out of the pool or shower areas.

Replacing the tiles would be a major undertaking and cause significant down time. When researching alternative solutions, Andreas came across Swiss GriP Non-Slip by GriP Safety Coatings AG. The water-based, dual-component polyurethane coating meets all the requirements for commercial use and has excellent slip-resistance in wet conditions. Moreover, the coating is completely transparent and UV-stable. Furthermore, the coating can be cleaned with all commercial cleaners, disinfectants as well as floor cleaning machines and pressure cleaners. 

Hotel Guest Safety: Slip and Fall Prevention

“The non-slip coating is completely transparent and the appearance of the ceramic and marble tiles has not changed. We are extremely happy with Swiss GriP”, explains Andreas, who is also acknowledges the excellent slip-resistance of Swiss GriP. The non-slip coating is certified by TÜV Germany and Satra UK for slip-resistance in wet conditions.

The installation was professionally taken care of by the Swiss GriP Application Team, who finished the works within a day. Due to the fast curing time (12 hours), the Spa could reopen straight away without any obstructions for the guests.

In Australia, Swiss GriP Non-Slip is certified for slip-resistance in wet conditions by CSIRO Australia. For barefoot and wet areas, the non-slip solution achieves a 76 SRV, or a P5 slip-class.

Swiss GriP References
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Hotel Guest Safety: Slip and Fall Prevention
Hotel Guest Safety: Swiss GriP Non-Slip applied at the Graf Zepellin Hotel