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Enhancing Sustainability & Safety: Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline at Northcote Place

Sustainable living has become a key pillar in many new housing developments. Besides incorporating renewable energy, many architects incorporate sustainable products to reduce the carbon footprint of building projects. In this blog post, we explore how the use of Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline, a water-based, VOC-free, and environmentally friendly concrete floor coating, has helped Northcote Place.

Northcote Place: A Sustainable Village with a Focus on Green Living

Northcote Place is not just an ordinary residential complex; it is a sustainable village that strives to minimize its carbon footprint. Achieving an impressive NatHERS rating of 8 stars, Northcote Place significantly reduces the environmental impact of its residents. As part of this commitment to sustainable living, the garages were sealed with Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline in Traffic Grey, a concrete floor coating that aligns with this green philosophy.

Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline: Sustainability and Safety

Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline is a water-based, VOC-free, and environmentally friendly solution. It stands out as an ideal choice for Northcote Place due to its environmentally friendly properties. Here’s a closer look at what makes it an excellent sustainable solution:

  1. Water-Based Formulation: Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline is water-based, meaning that it is not made up from petroleum derivatives or flammable solvents. The formulation makes it the sustainable solution over regular concrete coatings such as epoxies and other coatings. So besides sustainability, Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline is also much safer to work with. It also means tools can be cleaned with water, no need for harmful solvents like acetone.
  2. VOC-Free: With a VOC-free composition, Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline ensures that no toxic chemicals are emitted into the air, promoting better indoor and outdoor air quality during installation. This attribute aligns perfectly with Northcote Place’s goal of creating a safe and healthy living environment for its residents.
  3. Quality: The Swiss GriP coatings are developed and made in Switzerland. The birthplace of Rolex and the Swiss Army Knife is known for precision and outstanding quality. Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline is no exception; it provides outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance. As a water-based system it easily surpasses solvent based concrete floor coatings in durability.
  4. Safety: Slip-resistance is extremely important in new developments. Unfortunately, many concrete floor coatings have not been developed from the ground up to incorporate non-slip particles. This often results into inconsistent and unappealing finishes. Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline was developed to work with the Swiss GriP Non-Slip particles. This makes it possible for the applicators to achieve a consistent non-slip finish.
  5. Ease of Use: Another key aspect of Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline is that it is a very user friendly solution. Unlike epoxy coatings, it has a pot life of up to four hours. Epoxy coatings have to be applied within minutes after mixing, making Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline an stress free application process. Furthermore, Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline does not require any separate primers. The first layer of the coating acts as a primer which is followed by the application of the finish coat.

Performance Evaluation: Safety and Sustainability in Harmony

The installation of Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline at Northcote Place garages has yielded outstanding results in terms of both safety and sustainability:

Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline
  1. Enhanced Safety: Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline’s anti-slip properties significantly improve traction, reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents in the garages. Whether the surfaces are wet or dry, residents and visitors will be protected against slips and falls.
  2. Environment: By choosing Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline, Northcote Place showcases its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The environmentally friendly concrete floor coating minimises impact, aligning with Northcote Place’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint.

The installation of Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline at the garages of Northcote Place demonstrates a successful marriage between safety and sustainability. This water-based, VOC-free concrete floor coating not only enhances traction and safety but also aligns with Northcote Place’s commitment to green living. As residents navigate the garages, they can do so with peace of mind, knowing that their well-being and the environment are prioritized.

If you are seeking an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for your concrete floors, Swiss GriP Aqua Floorline is an excellent choice. With its water-based formulation, VOC-free composition, and range of attractive colours, it is the leading concrete floor coating.

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