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Non-Slip Entry Area

Astra Zeneca manufacturer CSL selects Swiss GriP to protect staff from slips and falls

CSL is a global specialty biotechnology company based in Melbourne and develops and manufactures innovative biotherapies and influenza vaccines. Moreover, it produces the Astra Zeneca vaccine for Australia. Staff and visitors at the facilities in Parkville are now protected from slips and falls thanks to Swiss GriP Non-Slip.

Over a century ago, CSL was established with the promise to save lives and protect the health of people who were stricken with a range of serious and chronic medical conditions. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that CSL’s health and safety standards are extremely high.

Non-Slip Ramp
Swiss GriP Non-Slip installed at the tiled entry area at CSL in Parkville

Prevention is better than cure
To protect staff and visitors from slips and falls, the company was looking for a non-slip solution that could be applied to various surfaces. It was key that the solution was independently certified in the Australian Standard for Slip-Resistance of existing pedestrian surfaces (AS 4663). Moreover, the solution had to be durable and not damage or change the appearance of the tiles.

After a successful sample installation, Swiss GriP Non-Slip PRO was selected by CSL to eliminate slips and falls. “Our non-slip coating is very well suited for exterior areas”, explains Dennis, technical manager at Swiss GriP Australia. “Besides providing an excellent slip-resistant finish (P4/P5 Slip-Rating), our coating seals the surface and thus boosts the tile and grout’s defence against grime, dirt, liquid spills and erosion.”

Swiss GriP vs. Anti-slip treatments
This is one of the many advantages of Swiss GriP Non-Slip over anti-slip treatments (also known as etching treatments, red.). “Treatments are acid-based and damage the seal of the tile,” says Dennis. “This makes the surface ‘rougher’ but can also cause significant discolouration and it makes it harder to keep the surface clean.”

Moreover, anti-slip treatments cannot be independently certified by institutions like CSIRO. “Treatments do not provide a consistent anti-slip effect. Acid is more aggressive on for example slate and marble”, explains Dennis. “So unlike Swiss GriP, it is uncertain if the required slip-resistant standard will be achieved when using an anti-slip treatment.”

Swiss GriP Non-Slip applied to slate tiles

For CSL, it was paramount to reach the required P4 slip-rating on the different surfaces, something only Swiss GriP can guarantee. Therefore, the transparent non-slip coating was applied to 85m2 of ceramic and slate tiles. Because the CSL operates 24/7, the Swiss GriP team applied the non-slip coating on three separate days. Doing so, there was no downtime for the vaccine maker.

Swiss GriP Non-Slip
Swiss GriP is a dual-component, water-based polyurethane coating. The Swiss-made coating is non-hazardous and can be applied to any surface in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Have a look at some of our selected references here.

Do you have any questions about preventing slips and falls? Get in touch via the contact form below or give us a call at (03) 7020 2041.