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NonSlip Stair Coating

Anti-slip stair tread nosing without drilling

Stair treads in public areas need to meet the Australian Standard AS 1428. This standard requires that stair treads are clearly visible to avoid tripping incidents. A strip with at least 30% contrast set against the stair tread surface needs to be installed. Moreover, a P3 or P4 non-slip rating is required to comply with the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance (AS 4586).

One of the solution is to comply with the Australian safety regulations is to install aluminium or plastic nosing strips. However, drilling is required to install such strips which in turn causes permanent damage to the surface. In many cases this is undesirable, especially for high quality natural stone finishes. Moreover, these strips are not exactly aesthetic.

The SWISS GriP Stair Tread Coat offers a solution to both these issues. This Swiss-made non-slip coating is available as a clear coating and in a range of colours. Moreover, it is easy to install without any damage to the surface. The coating is applied by roller, is UV-resistant and dries quickly. And in contrast to stair nosing tapes, SWISS GriP does not leave glue residue on the surface and can be removed and reapplied.

At a pedestrian stairway in North Melbourne, the SWISS GriP Stair Tread coating in black (RAL 9004) was used to make the stair treads clearly visible and non-slip. Especially in wet conditions, these treads were proving to be a slipping hazard. By installing the SWISS GriP coating in black, the treads have become clearly visible and non-slip. Now that SWISS GriP has been applied, the safety for users has been maximised. With the fast drying times, the stairway opened once again to the public on the same day of the installation, limiting inconveniences to residents.

NonSlip Stair Coating